Anyone with July 12th ARRIVAL and beyond Get the Email Yet?

We are booked on site, due to arrive to WDW on July 12th. We have not received the Confirm, Cancel or Modify email yet. 27 days to go…just wondering if anyone with around those same dates have gotten the email yet?

I know that departures up to July 11th have.


Nothing yet. 7/16 arrival.

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I was cool with waiting at first, now I’m like “ok, less than a month out…just let me know its confirmed and I will be good” lol

I think you get to be the canary in coal mine for the next go around.

100% have NEVER heard that reference before lol

We are 7/16 arrival. I also have a July 3-5 reservation that I did get the email for, I called and the CM said that the email for our 7/16 date should be coming out this week. The lack of information about anything is giving me anxiety

Well if they are being consistent with what they have done in the past few weeks, guests with reservation through July 18th should be getting an email by this Friday.

Scheduled to arrive 7/11 and haven’t heard anything yet

Check your junk mail and spam filter in your email. Guests with arrivals by July 11th were supposed to get an email for you to contact Disney to either confirm/modify/cancel your resort reservation.

So at this rate of confirm/modify/cancel emails, 2021 reservations may not open up until December?!?!?! I would love to book a 2021 trip or two to tide me over until things get settled. Any speculation on the real timeline for booking 2021?

I’m kind of hoping the speed things up a bit and start doing a couple weeks at a time. I’d like to know if I have a room and where before the park reservations open.

July 17th arrival, no email yet…….

Email received, arrival due 2nd September & I confirmed rebooking with discount against free DDP. Revised invoice received, original booking 21 days at garden/woods view BC still shows as the same detail, less the discount/compensation (35% against room rate). Only waiting to hear about flights and access to US.

July 16th arrival here, this time in a month i will be on the road and on my way down there… still no email.

I’m very curious to see what happens here.

There is the possibility that Disney doesn’t plan to cancel/modify stays with arrivals from July 11 onwards…so either cancellation/modification emails will go out this week…OR Disney will start allowing park reservations to be made (maybe).

IF (!) that ends up being the case, it would suggest they are opening up the hotels beyond DVC/Deluxe/FW starting July 11.

I fear it’s going to be a long week. :confused:


Yes, this week’s actions from WDW should give us a good indication about what is going to happen going forward. Do they keep at the same pattern of confirm/cancel/modify or will is this the week for something new.

They are reaching the point of adjusting post re-opening date reservations. I doubt they will continue the current method with the confirm/modify/cancel email much longer.

With the parks open, the number of guests wanting to confirm most likely will be greater versus the cancel/modify to future selections. With a limited number of DVC rooms available ,either space available will run out quickly or they are going to have to increase the number of resort rooms available.

Something has go to give, hopefully the new reservation system will be coming on-line soon and folks can make some planning decisions.


Yep something will have to happen. As of now, my resort is closed July 11th so, I’ll have to move.


Have you been through the queue at BTMRR?? They literally have canaries in the coal mines in one of the the interactive sections.

Seems early but perhaps given that UK reservation system is separate AND international travel is restricted, it allowed you to get this email sooner than expected

Yes, email arrived 8p.m. Friday (=5 EST). Made the decision Saturday and confirmed at that point. Revised invoiced received yesterday (Monday 15th June) at around 7p.m. so all set apart from getting there.

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