Anyone wing it and just do mostly QS meals?

ITA about Flame Tree- thought it was great and a great deal!

Remember, you can use mobile ordering at most QS places! It’s a big help.


We generally eat breakfast at our resort and then a mix of CS and TS. On trip with my sister and nephew in 2016, I ended up cancelling 3 ADRs and 1 dessert party after our second day. We didn’t want to each that much food and had QS or even just pizza at the resort one evening. On that trip we did TS for characters.

We are not fancy foodies so most of the time we do wing it and use QS only. The exception is BoG (love that onion soup and the croque monsieur). We rent a car and stock up and make cheese sandwiches and eat those outside Space Mountain (tradition!!) and infront of Tusker’s at AK (even more important tradition!!) and then attack a QS when hunger strikes. We’re not really adventurous so we stick to standard fare - sort of. May I suggest: sunshine seasons (sweet and sour chicken over jasmine rice) and the Norwegian Sub at the Kringla Bakeri at Epcot, Casey’s hot dog and huuuuge boat load of fries at MK while looking at the castle, Restaurantosaurus’s burger goodness at AK and the only one that leaves me not thrilled is HS, although the burgers at the Backlot were really yummy last time I was there so you won’t starve.
You can definitely do this!! Enjoy!!!

As long as you don’t have food allergies. Still can’t mobile order with those. :frowning:

Our last trip was the first one my family has used the DDP. We found that it definitely felt like we were forced to eat too much. There were times that we said, well I guess we need to get something to eat because we have another ADR at 5:30 although we weren’t really too hungry. Also, I felt like having ADRs set so far out can cause stress when your day doesn’t go quite as planned. I remember we had a reservation at Chef Mickey’s and we were in MK that day. We had plenty of time to walk to the CR so we jumped in line to meet with Pooh and Tiger in Fantasyland. Well we were almost to the front and the characters had to “take a break” so we had to wait longer because my son was seeing Pooh lol. Thus added stress in getting to Chef Mickey’s for the ADR that is so hard to get!

I really like the convenience of the DDP and for the most part I feel like it is a good value. I just feel like sometimes you need a little more flexibility during a day to get to do things you want to do. I also like how it is pre-paid and you don’t have to worry about it. But I do think on our next trip we will go without the dining plan and just schedule a few TS restaurants that we know my son loves, Rainforest and T-Rex, and just wing it the rest of the time using the mobile ordering, which is great!

However, we will have some ideas where we want to eat because my wife is a picky eater but at least we can be flexible with the times.

That’s my plan for QS for my upcoming trip - mobile ordering as we get off (or wait in line for) a ride, then hit “I’m Here” 100 yards before I get to the door.