Anyone willing to try and secure a BG for me from home?

So here’s my dilemma. Heading to HS Wed. 2/19. None of my friends or family share my passion with Disney except my DD15. I’m surprising her tomorrow night 2/17 and we fly out early on 2/18 so I won’t have the opportunity to coach her but I’m going to try regardless. I have been practicing from home and have about a 50% success rate in securing a BG. I’d like to increase the odds if at all possible. So if anyone is available at 8am on 2/19 and wouldn’t mind helping me out I would be grateful. Send me a message via this forum and I’ll shoot back a reply after work tomorrow afternoon.

Hey, I’m in the UK and usually on lunch at that time so barring a surprise meeting I should be able to give it a go. Chuck me a message with login details if you’d like me to.

I’ll be a backup for you if you want? I’ve always wanted to be the man in the chair!! I’ll send you a message.

I am already a Fairy Boarding Group Grabber for another group at HS that morning, ;(. If you need it for a different date I’ll be able to do it.

I’m going to HS March 23rd. I may seek you guys out for the same if you’re up for it? @Trousers_of_time @ScaffyWitch @ladyortramp

Absolutely! I’d be happy to help.

Can I just ask generally though…

Let’s say I’m at home trying to get someone in the parks a BG along with a few other people all logged into the same account.

Will it be clear at my end if someone else has been successful at getting one?

I want to know that I wouldn’t be at risk of messing up a BG already obtained.

Can’t do the 23rd sorry, will be sat in the car driving

Interesting. I didn’t know this was a thing. Out of curiosity, why do people get people from home to book them when they are the ones in the park? I’d be worried about my clock not being synchronized to Disney’s time. I could see if people don’t have smart phones. Are there other reasons?

Biggest problem is that park wi fi is spotty at best. So app can get very glitchy and overloaded with that many people trying for boarding groups all at park open. Some people use cell others have been successful on wi fi. I’ve been testing from home and have been very successful until today. I am hoping Disney didn’t change up the BG process to eliminate obtaining BGs from another location. I plan to keep testing this week and will report back here and in the Park chat.

I’m guessing this is to increase the odds of getting one early? Also in theory a home internet connection could be qiicker than the cellphone network or especially park wifi which is unreliable imo.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but even if you’re in the park I don’t think there is any way to sync your clock perfectly and there is no visible countdown etc, so in that sense it doesn’t matter where you are.

I think the only way to do this would be for the app to use your gps location, which might add a new layer of confusion and glitches to the process, so I doubt (and hope) they don’t do this.

Yes. That would really mess with the “turn off location services” advice!

I’m curious about this as well.
If you are trying from two different logins from MDE I would be worried they might mess each other up.

So if two people are standing next to each other in the park, both logged into the same MDE account then one is going to know when the other gets a BG.
Just a bit unsure if someone was trying from a remote location and someone in the park gets the BG, what happens if the remote person continues to try for one? Would MDE show them a BG had been obtained?

If you’re both trying at the same time, I understand it gives the other person an error once one has a boarding group. After that the status page will tell you that you have a bg and the the join boarding group button should disappear. It shouldnt be possible to accidentally get rid of a bg



All modern phones, and most computers these days automatically sync their clocks from a global source, so any variance would likely be on the order of milliseconds!

Of course, there is always the possibility, for whatever reason, Disney would not choose to open up access exactly at 8:00 am…but then, it wouldn’t matter how off your clock is! :slight_smile:

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I’ll do it! PM me if you still need the help!
I’m one hour behind Orlando.
I have an iPad, iPhone, two PCs and two cats at your disposal!!

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I can do 23 if you need!