Anyone used Mears Connect yet?

I’m getting in late tonight, after 11pm, and have Mears Connect booked. But I’m hoping to RD AK tomorrow morning so every minute of sleep is valuable to me. I’m thinking of canceling Mears and just using Lyft. I figure it will save me at least 30 minutes.

Has anyone used Mears Connect yet? What should I expect in terms of waits and multiple resort stops at the 11p-12a timeframe?

There was a recent report that someone waited almost no time at all using Mears Express. Is that an option?

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No maam


Yikes! I had no idea the cost. Personally I think I would just Uber.

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Just canceled Mears. I’m fine to pay $30(ish) more to be picked up immediately and driven straight to my hotel.

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I took lyft yesterday. Was pretty resonable for the 3 of us. Only $36.