Anyone use Disney Magic Mobile?

On my disney experience App, I went to the disney magic mobile icon and was able to upload all 5 of “my passes” to my apple wallet. Does anyone know if these are my park passes and tickets all rolled into one. I have 2 day tickets and park passes for Magic kingdom one day, HS the next. Or do i have to still stop at guest services to get my tickets. I am staying offsite (though I do have a leading reservation for dining that I will cancel when the time comes)

I’m 99% sure that’s your tickets/park entry/etc all in 1. Hopefully someone who has used it will chime in.

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We had to use it for my son one day who had forgotten his MB and only realized it on arrival to the park. It was everything we needed - park admission and reflected his park reservation as well (clearly, as we were admitted to the park).

That being said, this was like day 6 of our vacation and we did not need to activate the tickets as they had already been used numerous times

ohhh. So do you think I still need to activate my unused ticket on the first day?

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I’ve not used my apple wallet yet, but I do have my ticket loaded into it. When you open it scroll down there’s a link to lean more. That reads (to me) that MMP doesn’t wk w/o a pk res. So I think you are good to go.


I think in this situation, “passes” equals “tickets”. When you say you have “passes” for MK and HS, do you mean reservations? Those are linked to your account. You need both a ticket and a reservation to get into the park.

All that said, you should just be able to use your phone just like a magic band or card. Our DS16 just did it a couple weeks ago with no problem.


Ok thank you everyone. I have park reservations and 2 day park tickets for all 5 people in my party. So I can basically go to the tapstile on my first day and be good to go. The confusion for me is that prior to the launch of Disney Mobile Magic, people like myself who were staying offsite, didn’t have magic bands and purchased tickets online, had to stop at guest services to convert our online ticket into a ticket card because they don’t mail those anymore. But now, if I am understanding this correctly, the disney mobile magic pretty much skips the step of having to stop at guest services…which is what i was hoping for.

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Wait… certain tickets still have to be activated. For example, military tickets. But you can activate at Ticket Sale windows instead of GS which usually have shorter lines.

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I don’t know about buying direct from Disney, but I bought from the 3rd party seller that the TP calculator said was cheapest. We got plastic cards in the mail for our tickets.

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