Anyone use Bags Inc?

Has anyone used Bags Inc, after they stopped their service with DME? I’m debating using them so we can go straight to the parks from the airport. Just wanted to make sure their service hasn’t changed.

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I haven’t personally used them, but I have seen them around the baggage carousels in MCO and walking with carts full of bags my last couple trips.

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Didn’t @kerrilux us them this summer?

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There was a report on chat a couple of weeks ago. The liner had a tracking tile in their luggage. The bags all got to them but If I remember correctly they landed around 3 and the bags were delivered around 1am?


I did! We got our bags, but it was not within the promised window. I wrote about it in my report titled Disney Bound (I don’t know how to link, sorry). I am still thinking about giving them another shot. I would recommend having an early-ish flight and everything essential in your carry-on just in case.


My flight would arrive at 11am, and I’d need the bags around 8pm. I hope that’s enough time them to deliver lol

I’ve not read ANY good reports of their “service” since things reopened. Personally I wouldn’t risk it and would just deal with bags on my own.

I think the issue might be that they move the bags once a day? I would not chance it.

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I wouldn’t do it if you have to have the bags by a certain time.