Anyone tried Trattoria al Forno at Boardwalk


Looking for feedback on it for the book.


Their breakfast is delicious and has some unique offerings. @joannes1959 has been multiple times, I think. I have dinner reservations there for Saturday night before the PHM and can let you know how it was, assuming I actually make my ADR. I did read on Chat from @brerbeer that he was not impressed with dinner, though.


I'm pretty sure @BGK and his mother have also eaten there.


Yes they had breakfast with me too.


We went for breakfast twice on our January 17 - 31st 2015 trip. The food, in my opinion, was very good and the service was excellent. I was sad to hear that Kouzzina's was not going to be operating for our trip but that sadness was quickly replaced with happiness with Trattoria al Forno! I highly recommend the breakfast.

I have an ADR for dinner on our trip in May - I'll let you know how that goes wink


When are you going in May @EthicalAddict? Will you be around for all the big meetups?


Gasp! There's a meetup?? !!!?? Sorry - just hyperventilated a bit there wink

My sister's and I will be there May 1st - 9th....

I would LOVE to join that meet if possible heart


Oh darn... Most of us are going to be there over memorial day weekend hoping to hit up 24 hour day and SWW.


oh bummer! Oh well - next time....
It would have been cool - but I will follow the shenanigans on here wink


We have a ressie April 23 for Dinner will let you know for sure.