Anyone traveled to the parks and used a touring plan recently?

Hey all!

I have a trip planned with my sister and cousin the beginning of November. As parks are getting busier, I’m curious as to if people have made touring plans and used them recently and how accurate the wait times and predictions are. It’s my 5th trip, my sisters 4th trip, and my cousin’s first trip, so trying to find a good balance of the traditional Disney for my cousin and the nostalgic/favorite things for my sister and I. I want to trust the touring plan, but anxiety about the novelty of the current situation is making me not want to trust the predictions, whether the wait times are wayyyy longer than I think they should be in my head or shorter than what they really will be when we get there.

Details on how thorough your touring plan was and how accurate it was greatly appreciated! Thanks for the feedback!

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This person (below) used a touring plan on their trip. I went in August and we pretty much winged it, but crowds were lower then. I’m going back with a friend who doesn’t really do Disney in October. We’re doing a day at MK and I have made a TP for that day. I do think TPs is making adjustments based on current crowd levels. I had made a plan a while ago (2 or 3 weeks) and when I “evalutated” it a few days ago, I no longer could do all the things I had on the plan. I’ve also randomly been checking the lines app for wait times and then looking to see where I would be on the plan if I were there. It’s all roughly matching up. I’m also going back and checking the previous day’s wait times to see if TP was way off or fairly close. We’ll be at MK on 10/22, so I’ll let you know if the plan works out for us!


I’ve seen a trip report or two from people who based on earlier reports didn’t use one & wished they had. The “empty” park days of July seem to be gone. With the TP update that came out yesterday my future plans all went form CL1 to CL5. Personally, I expect this to continue as people don’t have to take kids “out of school” and are become more comfortable with travel (whether that’s a good thing or not is subjective)

My advice is to use one. At best you won’t “need” it if CLs decrease & at worst you’ll have it if the are the same / increase.

I’m in the same boat as you. I have used them before “mostly” as I’m always willing to deviate and live in the moment (I mean if I walk by Splash Mountain and it has a 15 min wait at 2pm because it just rained and people left the park well I’m riding Splash Mountain!) but I’m really scared for this trip. I am planning to rope drop and hightail it to one or two attractions before official opening time like MMRR has a predicted 85 minute wait right off the bat according to touring plans but if we get to the park 90 minutes before opening (we have two teens who can walk fast and not a toddler to push in a stroller) I think we can beat that and hopefully get on one other ride before the 45+ min lines for the rest of the day. We’re leaving next Friday Oct 9th so I can report back when we return on Oct 18th and let you know if they worked :slight_smile:


I would make a touring plan.

The parks aren’t busy like we are used too, but because of lack of offerings, there are longer lines for the attractions. BUT with no fastpass, that kind of skews things a bit.

I would make a plan and also allow for deviation. The empty days of July and early August are gone, but you can still go and have a nice time.

But it’s different. VASTLY different. I feel like it’s going to be 2-4 years before we get back to “normal”
in the parks, and even then it’ll still be different than pre-Covid.

I hope I’m wrong. :crossed_fingers:t2:

Oh yes, I am definitely making them but just wondering how people have been fairing with following them and the accuracy. Some of the wait times seem astronomical (like every single ride in Hollywood Studios) but then the max wait time for FoP basically anytime the day we are at AK is MAX 38 minutes. I understand HS has been a consistently busy park, but things just seem a bit off and since all this is new, just wondering what people on the ground with touring plans are experiencing.

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BTW Here’s the plan I’m coming up with for DHS (assuming we get through MMRR before 10am official opening and we’ll stop the plan and ride RotR when our BG is available.) I will most likely do the in-park adjustment based on what really happens with MMRR and RotR with Lines. And if we’re not wiped we may do rerides at the end of the day if there’s time. I’ll give you a post trip review of how this went and what order things went in and how long we really waited.


I probably would do one. I like having one (shocking I know), but I think it could be immensely helpful on the day as you can adjust it on the go to reflect wait times and rides that might be down.

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