Anyone success (lately) w BOG FP at 27 Days?

At 27 days and no luck using the link. Maybe- with all the recent changes- this loophooe was closed? Anyone have any luck in the last week or so?

I haven’t seen anyone that’s been able to get one for any dates after November 1st. But no official announcements yet. Lots of rumors though.


No luck for me so far. I’m at 21 days and was trying for 11/4. I’m probably going to just make alternate plans.

Good to know I’m not doing something wrong. :slight_smile: Guess I’ll keep trying.

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Len posted on blog that bog lunch fp was becoming one of your 3 fpp. But its not showing on mde yet

I saw that. Maybe we’re in that grey, Midway area now. Was hoping to snag that old school FP via the website. Oh well.

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Mine did appear, but not at 27 days–more like 20. And it did not yet require a FPP–it was still separate. Just made mine yesterday for Nov. 6. Good luck!

Got it too.

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That’s great @Sam2071!

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@SallyEppcot Wife and I got the FP but we’re traveling w/ a couple that couldn’t get FPs. Any idea if we can expand the res in park??

I don’t think you can, sadly.

Oh! I thought I posted that I got one too, but I guess that was in another thread. My friend and I coordinated over the phone and both found times that overlapped. It’s really frustrating that you can’t book your whole party.

Glad it worked out. Maybe we’ll give out friends out MBs and let them go. We’ve both been several times and they haven’t once.

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That would be nice. I’ve also thought that you could order extra and carry it out. I don’t think they’d provide to-go containers, but you could bring ziplocks. How tacky would that be?!?

Not a bad thought. :slight_smile: Although I’m thinking BOG is less about the food (funnily enough as it’s a restaurant) and more about the atmosphere. :slight_smile:

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