Anyone snagged ADRs for later park hours in June?

Last Friday, Disney updated hours for parks through mid-June. I have been obsessively stalking the site to look for later ADRs on those days with no luck. I have TP Res Finder set for 2 already. When do you think they will release these ADRs?


I’m waiting right there with you. I don’t think they have extended them for MK yet. I really want a dinner CRT!

Let me know if you see a drop! Looking for 1 at MK and 1 at EP

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I am also watching for mid May.

I’ve been watching for end of May and haven’t seen any drops either.

Also watching for early June. Tired of seeing only Disney Springs restaurants with availability! Hoping for ANY dinner place at MK at this point. On my ADR day I couldn’t even get Tony’s or Skippers’ let alone BOG or CRT.

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We are hoping for a Skipper’s, as well. We ended up with a 3pm Liberty Tree. But I have alerts sitting for that plus others for our June trip.

They dropped but I missed them. Boo! Hope you guys get some!!!

I’ve been checking on the hour and have TP set. Didn’t get any though

I have a bunch of alerts set up but only got two for June 7th dinner (one for CRT and BOG). I would have loved to grab one but I was too slow. On the bright side I grabbed a breakfast Toppolinos Terrace from an alert yesterday. You just have to be super quick on the draw!

Mouse dining just got me an BOG ADR for first full week in June if anyone is looking

For mid May, times are now available after 6 p.m. for MK. Just got an ADR for 6:10 p.m. on 5/21 at The Plaza. Had to split my group, nothing larger than a table for 5. Nothing was available earlier today when I checked

They just dropped a ton of BOG for Friday! So hard to get CRT!


Paging @momfourmonkeys @StephanieV @KB42 @sunsecret so they can look for theirs.

I’m looking for a later Teppan Edo on 6/12, so would appreciate a tag if anyone sees Epcot drop.


Do you use mouse dining? They are free for up to 6 alerts.

Keep checking! I finally snagged a dinner CRT for June 11 and no alerts.

Pretty sure Epcot did drop since I saw a few Garden Grill. That’s Epcot right?

I need to get that setup. I’ve only got TP right now.

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It is. They might have gone really quick.

I never heard anything from TP- only mouse dining and I missed them but started searching like crazy and finally got what I wanted!!!

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