Anyone Rope Drop Pirates?

I feel like everyone is going to run to Fantasyland, and I plan to run to Pirates of the Caribbean. I thought it would be an easy and quick ride. However, when I evaluate my plan with Pirates at RD, TP says its 53 minute wait. Does that seem right? (Level 7 crowd day)

Is this an EMH morning? If so, POTC doesn’t open until regular open time. If not an EMH morning, not sure. There is no reason that wait would be 53 minutes.

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That seems strange to me that there would be a 53 minute wait. Multiple times at RD we have done JC and then POTC without much wait at either.

Wahookie you’re so smart!! I bet thats exactly what it is.

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We are RDing JC and PotC one of our MK days and then circling back through BTM etc since we have strong FP in fantasy land anywas. Our plan has us finished with both JC and PotC 23 minutes after RD.

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I rope droped POTC on 12/4. We watched the opening show off to side close to adventure land. After the show, we headed straight to POTC. We walked straight on the ride with no wait.

Wahoohokie is correct. The day I planned to rope drop pirates is in early morning hours day. I am a newbie and didn’t realize it wasn’t open during that time. I’ve planned Magic Kingdom over two days and the day with early morning hours I was planning to do Adventureland, front tier land, and liberty Square. Would you suggest spending the early morning hour in fantasyland and then at 9 o’clock start my normal day as planned in Adventureland? Our second Magic Kingdom day is two days later and I have an early morning Be our Guest reservation so that we can get in line for 7 dwarves mine train before the park opens.

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Yes, go to either Fantasyland or Tomorrowland for EMH as they are the only 2 lands open, then a little before regular open get positioned for Adventureland. We do this frequently.

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If it makes you feel any better, in February we we’re at IOA for our fourth park day. At RD, my son and I ran to do Kong while my wife and others did Seuss. Well, after Kong, we decided to head back and get in Hulk. Problem is, we kind of got turned around in the Comic Book land and found ourselves blocked. They had roped off the path. So we waited, figuring there was a parade or something. Ten minutes, and we’re just staring at the employee guarding the path. Ten minutes. Then I realize we weren’t at the main path, but the little offshoot that leads you to the Bluto water ride. Which didn’t even open for another 30 minutes!

I think my forehead said loser for a while after that!

Haha! I love that you stood there waiting for a parade. Made me laugh so hard because I can see my husband doing that exact thing :slight_smile: