Anyone renting a car?

We are renting in our upcoming trip in October. I keep checking and the rental rates keep going down. I’ve modified my car rental reservations and saved around $80 already, which is super nice! Helps pay the parking fee, lol.

Anyway, just a heads up as you do your trip prep to check back in. We book through Costco in and out of MCO, so I don’t know if there are better options (probably) but it’s super easy and usually better for us than other booking sites.


Thanks! I will check my Costco booking now!

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It is the strangest thing. I originally had a Saturday -Tuesday reservation from the airport for something like $168. I then switched to Dolphin Saturday-Monday for $88. I added a day so I just check the airport Friday-Tuesday for $126. I have two bookings now and don’t know which one to keep.

Hm- interesting. I vote to not keep the 168$!!

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I cancelled that one and one for $156!

I have typically found Costco to have the best rates out of MCO.

Thanks, this is a much better rate!

We are driving down to Disney and I had been debating renting a 7 passenger van instead of squeezing all 5 of us plus luggage in my sedan. Price went down $400 since last week! Crazy.


I guess the parking fees at Disney have some ramifications…

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I rent through advantage…I book and then about a week before I call and they apply the latest discounts. I have rented enough with them, I get auto-uogrades and now I’m getting free fuel.

Plus they are in the terminal…just below the baggage claim we end up at.

And yes, I think the parking charge at resorts is backfiring. Fewer cars in the lots and fewer people renting them. There were lots of complaints when I checked in on Monday about the parking fees. One lady was flipping out.