Anyone register this morning?

wondering if anyone registered for marathon weekend this morning? I hear it was a cluster but I can’t find out more than that and I am genuinely curious what happened.

I was thinking about registering for some things over that weekend but have decided to hold off due to uncertainty. This is the same as what I’ve been hearing from a lot of people so I expected it would be easy to register. Sounds like it wasn’t though? I wonder if Disney has cut the number of bibs so as to mitigate any unraveling that would need to occur if they have to put it off

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I did not get on at 10am since I’m still not sure I want to run that weekend. Out of curiosity I looked (via the DVC early registration portal) at 1:15pm and everything was sold out except the marathon.

I’ve since found more information
It definitely seems they are holding back a significant number of bibs

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Yes, they always release only a limited number for early registration. But even so the early registration doesn’t usually go that fast, I think. The summer 2020 Virtual races sold out incredibly quickly also and I was surprised to see all the Wine and Dine race weekend races sold out early too – I wonder if demand is up because we are all looking for excuses to go back :slight_smile:

ETA: Oh, I wonder if they are reducing numbers allowed in the races due to coronavirus…

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Right. It seemed to be tighter than usual

I tried to register Dopey but it was gone by the time I got in. I was logged in a few minutes before 10. I registered for marathon, and on Tuesday I will try to upgrade it to Dopey

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I could not help but think about this and I bet it is as much supply as demand. I bet runDisney is hedging against the need to restrict size of public events. So restrict the numbers now and if the openings, public health dynamics (including vaccine) allow less restrictive procedures, runDisney can always release registrations later.

Anyone who has run a runDisney event – esp marathon weekend – knows it is thousands, thousands, tens of thousands, of people crammed into small (and usually fun and collegial!) spaces. Imagine if restrictions are that no more than 500 could be crammed together. Disney marathon normally has 8 corrals of 2500 runners each – that wouldn’t work.

Anyway, just because I’ve got not much on the Disney planning front to do, I’ve been thinking about this :slight_smile:


I am becoming more worried that I will not obtain one of the coveted bibs for MW. I am at a disadvantage, no DVC in my family for early attempts. :frowning:

This will be tougher than trying for a BG on RotR ! I got pretty good at that, but there is only one chance for this on Tuesday for me.

Just watched the latest episode of Disney Insider. The first segment was all about runDisney and the footage was from the 2020 Walt Disney Marathon Weekend - Half Marathon.

I did not see me in any of the shots, but some of you may recognize someone from the race!