Anyone Planning 2018?

So, we recently decided to take our 2nd family trip to WDW next year. (This is a BIG deal for us!)

We can travel anytime between January 1-Sept 1, with school being a minor factor (our oldest is in 2nd grade).
I am a planning NUT and slightly obsessed with WDW so… waiting to book is driving me CRAZY!
+Does anyone know when they’ll set prices and open reservations for 2018?
+What is your favorite time to travel?
+Considering running the Princess 10K (advice, opinions, crowds?)

+Anyone else planning a trip next year?

I can’t comment on when prices will be announced. Late November or early December is my favorite time to go. In your window, you’ll probably have the lowest crowds in Jan/Feb, but it might be too chilly for a lot of pool time (or not, FL winters are impossible to predict). Late April or early May is also a good time to visit. You couldn’t pay me to go June-September; the heat and humidity is just too much for me to enjoy myself.

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Our favorite time is the last week of February/first week of March. The first week of March is the beginning of the Flower and Garden Festival (which if you haven’t been to, is phenomenal) and usually Spring Break hasn’t gotten into full effect yet. Historically, we’ve run into some pretty bipolar weather during that time but it’s manageable. I would recommend packing for cooler weather and the heat. We went in March of 2015 and had a high of 53 one day and about 90 degrees the next day.


I was able to book my dec17 trip around July last year if that helps.

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Thanks! I just spoke with a CM and they said that Prices and packages are released in the summer for the following year. I fell like that cuts everything a little close if we book in July for February. Being patient is HARD!

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We have been President’s Day week and Patriot’s Day(Massachusetts Holiday, Tax Day for you non-Mass folks) week and both time were great. Neither time was too hot. We’ve been in the summer and unless you like the smell of bacon, that’d be your skin cooking, don’t do it.

We are going in May 2018. We booked a room only for POR. The resort prices are out, but you have to call. You can book 499 days out. Packages won’t come out until June/July of this year. We plan on switching to a package when they come out.

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We are also planning our second family trip next year too…exciting!!! :slight_smile:

We will be there the last week of February into March. My DD & I are thrilled on seeing Flower & Garden.

Planning a June trip next year! It’ll be DDBF’s and his son’s (he’ll be 9) first Disney Trip EVER! EEEKK!!

I am planning 2 trips for next year.

One over our spring break and one in December with our reading group that will be a very large group.

I typically go to WDW in even years and DL in Odd years. I have a daughter in 4th grade this year and her mother won’t let us go during the school year. One things to think about is Typically around August 25ish, they offer Free Dining with a resort stay and tickets. It’s not guaranteed and all the “pundits” usually predict that this is the year Disney will end the Free Dining promotion, but they have been wrong for the last 7 or 8 years LOL.

Florida schools go back to school in Mid August so the crowds are not that bad. There is a little bit of humidity to deal with, but my daughter and I don’t find it so bad it affects our trip. Basically we go for 10 days prior to Labor Day.

The Free Dining promotion can save a ton of money–if they do it. You usually don’t find out until the summer of that year when the promotion is happening.

That’s my 2 cents at least. It seems like after reading most of the other posts, that the other questions you asked were already answered.

Hope it helps

Thanks! I’d love to go late august but we’ll be back in school by then. I like the free dining promotion. Do you know if they offer it any other times during the year?

Planning President’s Day week reprise. This time we are staying at a monorail resort.