Anyone on trying to make reservations and having issues?

I’m getting this message and also not able to see my itinerary in MDE. My available dates are only showing through beginning of June and I’ve booked many things way past that already. Hubby was able to book a tour, but had to manually type in our family names. I’m concerned. Anyone else?

Tuesdays are when Disney usually does updates after hours, so it is normal for things to not be available at this time. Things should likely be back and working correctly by the morning.

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Mine shows the same thing right now don’t worry!

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I just got on and made some reservations, so hopefully their updates are over.

Today is Wednesday :smiley:

When she posted it was still Tuesday. It is also why I said “after hours”. So, perhaps I should have said Tuesday going into Wednesday.

I did notice my Disney app has a new icon now. They updated something!

Ah - the thing said “6h ago” re her post which was nearly 1 am

What is your new icon? I don’t see one.

It used to be a blue icon with the castle. Now it is a white icon with a blue box with a white castle. I’ll try to grab a screen shot…


ETA: So…I thought this updated last night. But, apparently I just hadn’t noticed it changed 4 days ago! :slight_smile: I just looked at the update history.

That looks awful!

My iPhone icon still looks the same (no white circle)…I hope it doesn’t change.


I agree. It is very odd. I’m hoping it is a mistake and they fix it.

Are you Android?

Mine looks like that but the castle icon fills the whole circle - no white space

Not according to the recaptcha quiz! :wink: (But yes, I have an Android phone.)

That’s how mine used to look.