Anyone Need BOG ADR?

will be releasing 4:25pm BOG ADR for 5 tonight. Please email me at if you want to coordinate! :0)

Could we change the heading of this post to “Who Needs BOG ADR?” I grabbed a Dec 2nd for 2 yesterday - hard to get MVMCP night but DS10 wanted the CRT instead. I was going to keep both and have wine & cupcakes at BOG after CRT. DS10 told me I was being a creep for not sharing the ADR (guess I am raising him right)

I have 2 for BOG on December 2nd at 6:10pm to release.

Done! :slight_smile: (Yes, I guess you are raising ds right! Lol)

I actually already released that ADR but I am still getting sniper alerts for 11/1 to 11/5 so if anyone needs one those days email me and I can watch for it.

How do u get sniper alerts? I get alerts from WDW Tools - got one at 4am for 7 pp but when I woke at 6a only could get for 4pp. Need 3 more for MVMCP Dec 7 - (otherwise my sis and I go in and kids eat CS on their own…)