Anyone linked a rez to MDE successfully?

I just booked CBR for one night via, because the regular Disney site didn’t have any availability for me for one person, one night room only… sigh. Anyway, the number gave me for confirmation isn’t working when I go to link a hotel reservation on MDE. I get an error message that tells me “Your reservation cannot be located as entered. Please try again or call (407) 939-1947 …” which is wrong, the 1947 line says it’s for dining reservations when you call it.
Hoping it just takes 24 hours or somesuch. Anyone here have experience?

not sure about the reservation but go forward

(aargh! keyboard mishap!). go forward on the call number and the CM will link you to a correct CM for your issue

thank you for the tip! since i dread phone conversations i was hoping to find a non-call solution :slight_smile: I ended up chatting up an agent on the site and they were able to call & get the proper number on my behalf. so success, at last, and i managed to avoid the dreaded hold music, haha.