Anyone know why Mama Melrose closed last Friday?

Just got back from a 9 night stay down in WDW and things were great. Thanks so much to anyone who has given me bits of advice before I left, there may be a trip report coming.

One little hiccup in our trip was last Friday when we arrived at our Mama Melrose ADR only to find that it would not be opening that day. Of course, the cast emmber could not, or would not, tell us what the reason was, but it left me wondering. Did anyone else hear why they may have been closed. I was wondering if some construction out back hit a water line or something. Who knows?

Either way, it actually worked out well for us. They let us go to Brown Derby for the 1 Table Service credit we would have used at Mama’s. And we still got our Fantasmic tickets.


Wow - that’s a sweet upgrade to HBD for the same “price”. Glad to hear they didn’t leave you hanging…

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I’m guessing it was one of those “unexpected” maintenance issues; electrical, plumbing, etc. It was nice to get an HBD “upgrade”