Anyone know the actual mph speed of the "very relaxed" pace?

I’d like to figure out just how far we’re walking everyday so I can begin our walking regimen :slight_smile:

@len has shared this before

I tried to search, I guess I didn’t use the right parameters.

Here’s a snapshot of my trip last year.

Are those steps?

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I think it’s about 2mph but I can’t find the post from Len either which confirms it.

Usual walking is around 10 miles per day but obviously it depends how long you’re in the parks, whether you’re crisscrossing etc.

Do you know how many of your steps equal a mile? Maths!!

Based on the time walking in my touring plans most of my days are only about 3 miles. I do have two 5 mile days. Obviously you have to add in a bit more for walking to and from the car. I feel like I’m doing something wrong if the average is 10!!

Well some of the queues are very long! There are a lot of variables. HS is small so less walking, EP is usually the most walking. We do crisscross a lot so we’re going from one side of the park to the other and back again, it adds up. If you’re not doing that you cut down a lot.

I charge by the hour and I’m off the clock!


With 3 small kids in tow I’ve done my best to eliminate any crisscrossing!!

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So your mileage sounds reasonable, I assume you’re not going to be going RD to close either with littles.

We will on our first day (AK), but that’s it. That is one of our 5 mile days. Otherwise, no, no RD to closes.

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Here’s the previous thread about “relaxed” speed:

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