Anyone here have an August use year? UPDATE:disregard

UPDATE: thanks to those who reached out. As of now, the opportunity has passed but I appreciate the openness to a creative ADR-drop-type solution to getting a DVC reservation!!

I’m trying to do something and wonder if someone would be willing to temporarily use 52 of their points to hold a reservation.

If you fit this description, send me a PM and I can be more specific.

Aside from not being able to use those points for a short period of time, I promise you I would not let you put your points at risk. This is why an August use year would be ideal (perhaps June)

I wish I could help. I have august use year but don’t have the points free. Sorry!

That’s a bummer.

It’s really fine.

I’m just doing that thing where until you travel you keep trying to tweak the thing until it has been tweaked to death LOL

But I definitely appreciate the offers for help. People are good people here