Anyone have BOG FP after Nov 10?

Saw in the other thread where several people had gotten BOG FP for up to Nov 10. Looking for Nov 14 or Nov 18. Anyone have a FP that far out? I am at 27 days but it still says none available. Does it become available for your entire trip on day one or do you have to wait until you are 27 days from the day you want the FP for? I also know there was a rumor The separate FP was going away. Anyone have an update on this?

11/9 here. Got it at 25 days. Looked a couple times a day starting 27 days out.

From what i’ve heard, it is 27 days from the day you want the reservation for - not the day you check-in. I’m trying for 11/19 too - good luck!

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I had the option for Nov 13 this morning. Not useful for me as it is my arrival day, but will be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to secure my Nov 14 lunch res.

Got it for 11/11. There were a few days after that shown as well, but 11/11 was the only day with availability.

Was 25 for me

I just checked and there is availability for 11/13. 11:50-12:20 and 1:30-2:00 windows were available. We are looking for 11/15. I will keep checking for the 15th.

11/20 is the day I’m looking for…

Check every day. You never really know when/if a window will open for you.

Did anyone see this in the DFB newsletter:

Be Our Guest Update: A new policy is in place – on select days, only guests with FastPass+ are able to dine for lunch in Be Our Guest Restaurant at the Magic Kingdom