Anyone have any Luck with the Newly released Fall discount

So I tried, calling Disney twice to try and secure a discount on a studio room at the Poly for this October. I already have a reservation for this very room type and the website clearly states that they offer a 10 percent discount. There was no availability online so I called. Both times I called, I was put on hold for about an hour and both agents told me that the room was not available (which i’m assuming they are just sold out for now) However, they both said that Disney is constantly releasing more rooms and to check back. My question is should I bother or is it ultimately a waste of time to expect a studio at the Poly to open up. Are the room availibility online similar to the ADR’s…gone in less than 30 sec’s.

There may not have actually been any of those rooms available on your dates. The resort and room may have qualified for the offer but a studio in October is a very rare room to find.

I have to say that when it came out - I looked at a bunch of different resorts for the trip I am taking in December 12/4-12/8 - I don’t think I found any hotels that had availability for the offer for those dates - so…

My travel agent said that there were no rooms available for that discount for a standard room at Coronado when I checked yesterday. I sent her a screen shot of the Disney website where it was showing a discount. She emailed back last night and said what I was looking at was called false availability. She said she had to call Disney several times but the room finally started showing as being part of the discount so she applied it for me. I have no idea what any of that means or if that helps you but that’s what happened!

I also tried for October, no luck

Ok thanks everyone. It was exciting to see that they offered a discount for my travel dates. But alas I will probably end up paying the full rack rate.

Keep checking. Things change as people cancel and reschedule. More than once I have been able to snag a discount that just popped up out of the blue, most recently within the past week. I just check several times a day on my cell phone and snag it as soon as it pops up. Be warned, though, that you don’t always get a lot of time to think about it. I’ve taken too long before and the room wasn’t there when I came back.

I’ve also noticed that Disney doesn’t always put everything on offer right away. For example, I’m trying to apply the new holiday discount to my December reservation, but MDE says there are no rooms of any type available at WL, even at the rack rate. I find it difficult to believe they are 100% booked for the first week of December. This happened to me before with a BWI reservation, and after a few weeks of no vacancy all of a sudden there were available rooms of every type.

Don’t give up. And don’t assume that Disney’s servers aren’t temporarily infested with gremlins or that they aren’t employing a temporary strategy to steer customers in a particular direction. Persistence very often pays off. More often than not I’ve either snagged the discount or an upgraded room class for the same money.

Is the discount even an option on the DVC Villas? I would love to get a better rate, as I paid rack rate on line.

I just scored an AP discount on a 1BR villa in September. It’s the third time in the last three years I’ve been able to use a discount at a DVC resort.

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I got a great free dining deal last Labor Day weekend on a one bedroom at SSR.

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