Anyone have advice for a nervous kid?

Hey all…DS7 is a very nervous kid, and I’m worried about how he will behave on the airplane. Has anyone else experienced this, and what did you do?! I’m thinking about Benadryl…

I’d avoid Benadryl - that last thing you need is a groggy, nervous child. Make sure that he is prepared for everything that is going to happen, so there will be no surprises. Explain flight procedures, and watch some flight videos on YouTube. Don’t forget to go over the TSA procedures too - they can be intimidating for a nervous child.

I have one of those in my family. Anything that will keep him busy on the plane. Coloring, word searches, video games. And make sure he has a favorite toy or blanket or whatever to take along as a comfort. Benadryl can help, but some will caution against unnecessary use of medicine. Let him pick his seat

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Another strike against the Benadryl - it makes some kids hyper and anxious rather than sleepy!

You Tube videos are so helpful in terms of showing what to expect. Also, try to board early so you can get settled rather than battling through the aisles.

Good luck!

I have a nervous 8 year old DS. He surprised me by being nervous about takeoff on our trip back in Dec since he had flown to WDW when he was 4. This time, it was a surprise trip so he had no time to mentally prepare. I second watching a couple videos or even acting it out with him so he feels he knows what to expect. Bringing a blanket or stuffed animal if that helps him cope is a great idea too as well as games, books, video games, etc. that will occupy him during the boarding process so the anxiety won’t build while you wait for takeoff. Maybe there is a little something he’s been wanting that you can give him after you board that will keep him focused on something else. On our flight, I took gummy worms to help with DS ears. Having a snack to take his mind off his worries really helped too.

They now allow you to use tablets and phones on airplane mode on take off. I let my nervous one play on the iPod and get engrossed in what they are doing, so by the time he noticed we are taking off we are in the air. I would also say avoid Benadryl, it makes my kids hyper.

Pharmacist liner here. I’d avoid Benadryl as some kids get jittery or hyper on it. Plus some kids get more nervous when they’re drowsy. Distraction will be key. My dd5 was nervous too. We had all kinds of activities and just kept talking to her. We gave her gum or candy on the way up for her ears. Something to do when taking off and distraction fails.

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