Anyone going to MVMCP

So who’s going and when. Have u been . I’m going December 3 . It being a Sunday I’m a little concerned about crowds. Hopefully I’m wrong

I’m going Nov 28. Never been before, so I am trying to keep expectations low and just go with the flow. If its crowded, we’ll take as many pics as we can and enjoy snacks while we wait :slight_smile:

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We went last year on the first night of the party (Nov 7 if memory serves me well) and it wasn’t terrible. We waited and did the second showing of the parade and it was basically a ghost town. There were quite a few people by most standards but we had plenty of space between us and the next family on the sidewalk in the flagpole area of Main Street… room enough for me to dance, dare I admit. We really enjoyed ourselves but didn’t do a lot of character greetings. If that’s your goal, I wouldn’t plan on getting much done. We met Santa Goofy, Christmas Mickey, and did a couple of non character photo stops and that’s about it - the rest was cookies and cider and shows. Scrooge and Donald were estimated to be 1.5 hours according to CMs

We’ll be there on December 1. I’m not sure what to expect, though I know we’ll hit the second parade since I scored dinner at BOG just before the first one starts.

We’re going to be there the first night, Nov 9th. We’ll see how it is. I went with my husband on our honeymoon in 2008 and it was absolutely empty, but I have a feeling MK is never empty anymore.

Dec 7th for us, it’s our first MVMCP, we are excited and hoping the crowds won’t be too bad being mid week and all.

We’ll be going November 28th for our first time. It’s my DS actual bday the day of the party so I’m really hoping it’s not too crazy busy. I can’t wait!

We will be there Dec. 1st. We have done the MVMCP twice before, so we don’t care for the character M&Gs, but we will be doing BOG dining at 6:40. Then we will go on a couple of rides then watch fireworks from behind the castle. Let the crowds clear a bit and then head out front for the 2nd parade. The last time we went, we basically sat on the pavement in front of the castle for 3 hours to see the shows, parade, and then fireworks. I even went to the shops to purchase pillow pets because it was quite painful sitting for so long on hard cement lol.

Dec 5th for us!

We’re a group of 5 adults & 5 kids and we’re going on the 5th also. It will be our first time at MVMCP and all of the kids’ first time at Disney. I don’t think we’ll do many character M&G’s, but we all think we might be willing to wait for 7 Dwarves for a photo with all 10 of us, so we’ll see. I’m hoping the kids can all power through for the whole event so we can watch the 2nd parade, but we’ll make that choice on the fly depending on how the day goes. Personally I am hoping for a photo with both Mary Poppins & Bert! :heart_eyes:

I really don’t know what to expect other than we’re excited to go & think it will be a great event. I would not like to end up sitting on a curb for 3 hours, trying to save a spot to see the parade, but I guess we will see what happens!

I can’t wait to go!! I bought the tickets but didn’t tell my husband and my kids don’t even know abou the entire trip yet . Crowds or no crowds I’m sur the look on their faces will be worth waiting for