Anyone familiar with Polynesian 1BR suites? + refurb questions

On my possible WDW dates, theres a “1 bedroom suite” at Poly available that would suit our needs perfectly. However I can’t find any info on the room type.

In the past these suites seem to have had different names, I think a 1BR suite would be the same as a “`1br princess suite”? Are there any others? I tried looking on the TP room finder and it lists just two of these at the Tonga building. Does anyone have any insight or experience about these rooms? How is the location?

I assume these are also going through refurbishment right now as they are attached to the main building (and frankly, look pretty dated from any photos I’ve seen). Are there any estimates on when the Poly refurb will be complete?

Before refurb: One-Bedroom Suite is located on the second floor just above the Princess Suite with 760 square feet and is almost identical except for the elimination of one of the bedrooms. Views are of the marina, the Seven Seas Lagoon, and, in the far distance, the Castle.-

All suites are in To ha Building.

Cara Goldsbury used to have the best info on suites in WDW.

And all that has been announced is “Summer 2021” for refurb completion.

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Thanks, I just reread the Goldsbury info and now found that part in the suites text!

Found it on the resort map too, looks to be a very nice location

I just booked the room for december :exploding_head:

I now have two overlapping hotel reservations on MDE (for the same people), any idea how long I can keep both? I plan on cancelling one obviously, but I’m just wondering if I have a little time to evaluate

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I’ve had overlapping for months before. It only becomes an issue if you have to call & talk to a rep on the phone. They aren’t allowed to let you have 2 overlapping.

I almost always have multiple reservations. They chastise me, but have never cancelled any of them when I have called in. A work around though (assuming you’re only reserving the room), is to book each room under a different adult and don’t add all the guests.

Good to know!

I have to ponder over this now. I had already set my mind on BLT as availability at other resorts was very limited. But the Poly suite and regular rooms showed up as available just now, so I’m guessing they might’e opened them for post-refurb reservations recently (?)

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I don’t know when they reopened, but I’ve had the Ambassador Suite booked for March 2022 for a couple of months.

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Is the 1BR suite Club Level? I’m assuming all of the Tonga rooms are since it has it’s own concierge etc?

CL was not available when I booked, but if they bring it back, I’m wondering if our room will be considered CL or not…?

Suites are usually CL at deluxe resorts.

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I booked suites for our March 2022 trip banking on them being CL when CL returns. I certainly hope I’m not wrong!

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I hope so too, though it’s possible that Poly CL won’t be back by mid dec. Some of the resorts they already announced won’t have it til dec 16th, so if Poly is announced later, maybe it won’t be back until 2022.

On the other hand imo it would make sense to bring it back quite soon after the refurbishment is done and I think the rooms are close to completion. The exterior and monorail is moving rapidly too, the base is already up and I just saw that the main canopy had been brought to the site.

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I have until March, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for December for you!

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