Anyone ever use babysitting service at Disney?

Has anyone ever used any of the babysitting services affiliated with Disney? We are traveling with our 4 kids (3,5,11,12) and would like to have 1 night out on our own. A little hesitant to leave kids with a complete stranger…

Are they old enough for one of the kids clubs? I wouldn’t want to leave my kids with a stranger either.

Unfortunately the kids club is not really a great option for us. We wont have a car so it would be prettytough to get to one of the hotels that offer it (we are staying at AOA which doesn’t), then go out for the evening and back via Disney Transportation

That’s a shame. I’m sure someone will chime in with their experiences.

Use a kid’s club near the restaurant you will be dining at or at the park you want to visit. ie my DH and I used the kids club at BC, Sandcastle. Then we walked to Epcot for dinner at Le Cellier and then toured WS after. Loved it and gave us a nice break during a busy week of RDs. This December planning Yachtman’s steakhouse and Epcot to follow and going to use kids club again. If want to go to MK use the one at the Poly, etc. Fed them dinner, played with other kids, and gave the kids a break from us as well.

I haven’t used in wdw but have used in other hotels over the years with no problems. I would do the checks talk to the companies staff talk to your kids leave eldest ones with mobile phones and follow your Mummy instincts. Common sense prevails.

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