Anyone ever rent points directly from the owner?

I’m starting to think about a family trip April 2023. Wondering if anyone has successfully rented points directly from the owner? Is it too risky?

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I have rented directly from an owner that someone on the boards had rented from in the past. I also looked up that owner

I was nervous but I did not have any problems.


Nice link. Thank you. I’m kinda wondering if cost difference is worth it. I think Davids Vacation Club is around $20 per point.

I think it depend on the owner. The first time I rented it was $15. Same owner 6 months later was $18.

I’ve rented from an owner twice, but both times they were fellow liners or friends of liners. Most of the time they only offer a steep discount if their points are expiring soon and they can’t use them. I’d still plan on at least $18ppt these days. That’s also the owners cost if they need to buy any additional points to make the reservation.

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I think it recently went to $19?

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I have.
Found a private owner on the DIS DVC rent forum. This was during covid and the owner was in the UK, and couldn’t travel. Got a great deal on points. $15/pp in December 2020!
I did do as much checking as I could, making sure they were established as a renter on the board, checked their reviews, made sure their points were in good standing, etc.

Went off without a hitch, had a great stay at the Poly.
Would do it again.

Not for the risk averse though.

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I have rented from the same person others have here. It went very smoothly. Price per point was $20, which is the going rate for home resort 11 months out.

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I have rented from a friend of mine (he was actually a groomsman at my wedding). If he has points he’s not using, he always gives me a call. I get an awesome deal, he unloads points he can’t use. Win/win.

Thank you. If cost is the same, wouldn’t David’s vaca club be safer? Unless you know the owner and feel safe with them I suppose

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Others had used this individual before, and was recommended to me, so I had a level of trust. The advantage was that I already knew she had the resort I wanted to stay in as a home resort, and so could book at 11 months without any delays. If you go through a place like David’s, there is no guarantee that they will find someone with points to book what you want in time. In our case, we wanted to stay at BWV 1 bedroom in early December, and it tends to book up rather quickly. It was reassuring for us to know we wouldn’t have trouble getting what we wanted by using her.

Great points (ha no pun intended). Forgot that 11 month window was specific to owner of the specific resort. We have it “narrowed” down to GF, Poly,BC, and BW. I think we are booking with family so likely need two rooms for 8 nights, so amount of points available could be a hurdle as well

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I did this for our March 2021 akl jambo stay. Found on dis boards, checked him out and then paypaled him a buttload of money :rofl: $15 per point. I don’t expect to ever get them this cheap again.

I had a potential client trying to book 3 rooms at BLT w me, and a week later she comes back and says she still wants to book 2 but has a dvc family member who will rent her the points for the 1br… at $12 a point. I was like yeah you should definitely do that lol


Wow. I thought $15 was a deal. $12 is like hitting the lotto

Yup. That’s why I was like yeah I can’t in good faith tell you it’s better to book w me :rofl:

Wish there was a trusted list of owners by home resort! A win win for renters and owners

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You cannot ask but there should be a Google sheet somewhere on MouseOwners with a list of owners will to rent.

If you post and ask about it they will block you, I believe.

If you know the owner or have a history with people you trust who have used the owner, I’d go for it. There are definitely benefits, such as @ryan1’s point about getting a very specific resort / room type that David’s can’t guarantee because of the way they prioritize requests (based on date submitted rather than how hard it is to book).

However, for me personally I like to go with David’s, etc. just to remove the layer of risk. In general I try to avoid mixing business transactions with friends and family, because it can sour a relationship if something goes wrong, and there can be lopsided expectations that are resolved when you go through a broker. As long as you’re aware of those pitfalls and protect yourself against them, you can safely go through an owner.

I think you have to also keep in mind that private renters can sometimes be in it as a business. You will have a contract with that person and regardless of anything else said or promised (even in writing) that contract is the only thing you can depend on.

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It’s fine to post on Mouseowners and ask “can someone please post the link to the spreadsheet of owners with points to rent”.

But not OK to post an actual “I’m wanting points for xxxxx” request.