Anyone ever have to fly no ID?

Y’all I messed up. I’m flying out to Boston on Sunday with my daughter, who just turned 18. I totally forgot she needs proper ID to fly. I thought I was gonna be ok by making an appointment to get her a non driver ID, but I just found out that they only mail them now, so no way is it gonna arrive in time. I know there’s a no ID process with TSA, but I’m worried a newly 18 year old won’t be able to be verified. Anyone ever done that can give me a heads up on what to expect?
I’m so pissed off at myself right now. I literally talk to people about making sure they have the right ID all the time! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :triumph:

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Dang, bring a birth certificate and any photo ID she might have. Call TSA or the airline to ask them what to do.

I guess this is why the military issue picture IDs to dependents when a kid turns 10; my kids always had an official government picture ID.


I would also bring a birth certificate, school id if she has one. Also when I renewed my driver’s liscense they gave me a copy of what my new license would look like here in Illinois.


Maybe they can give her a temporary license or something to go on the flight.

According to TSA, a birth certificate is NOT valid for those over 18.

Yeah i talked to TSA already. They are deliberately vague about what the process is like to fly without ID, for obvious reasons. You don’t want to tip off a potential scammer on how to beat the system. They just told me to bring as much documents as I have that can help to establish identity, and they will ask them questions…


One return trip from Disney my wife managed to pack her ID which we sent back early when you could check bags from the hotel. She switched purses for the return trip and messed up essentially. She was still able to fly - TSA took her to the side and processed her specially to ensure who she said she was. Asking questions like neighbor’s names and things. She eventually caught up with us but it was an extra 30-60 minutes of processing IIRC. I think she had pictures of an old passport a friend emailed us who was able to access our house.

Definitely bring as much documentation as you can to make the process easier. I do wonder if the DMV can give some form of temporary ID to cover you during the wait for the official ID to be mailed. That may be your easiest path depending. I know I flew once with an old ID and a paper stating that it had been renewed as they were mailing the new ID - but obviously I had an old ID to fall back on which it doesn’t sound like you have unfortunately.

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This reminds me. So, my third son was taking Driver’s Ed and needed to verify information for his license. Well, we had originally filled out the documentation, and had his name spelled correctly…but the driver’s Ed place misspelled his middle name. Honest mistake, since it is Jeffery instead of the usual Jeffrey. Anyhow, my son had NEVER needed his middle name before on anything, so actually wasn’t even aware it was spelled differently! (Bad parenting moment there!). So, he okayed the wrong spelling.

Of course, we later had to pay a fee to get it corrected.

All this to say…make sure your daughter knows ALL the CORRECT information! :grin:


I know you can fly w/o ID as dd20 lost her wallet at AK (bus from AK to Poly??) during our October trip and I did a ton of research that night as I was freaking out. It will take longer to get through security but they should eventually let her fly.

I would still keep the appointment for the state ID, they may be able to do something for you if you plead your case in person.

(Disney found dd’s wallet and we picked it up from Lost & Found at Disney Springs…everything was intact.)


One trip I lost my license somewhere between parking my car and check-in. I had a couple of credit cards in my name, but nothing with a photo. TSA did an extra thorough pat down. It was a female staff person, and done very professionally. She was very careful to explain how I was to stand and where she was going to touch. I was given the option to have it done in a private room, but since they told me I was going to stay fully clothed (hooray!) I didn’t bother with that. You might want to discuss this option with your daughter in advance. Plan LOTS of extra time. They have to find an available TSA agent to do this, and as we all know, airports are busy!


I am still going to keep the DMV appointment, bc they are going to need it anyway for college, plus getting the paper from DMV showing they got through the ID process should add a layer of verification.
Right now the plan is to bring BC, School ID w photo, their Amex card that is in their name but is off my account, and some kind of official mail, probably a letter from when they filed their FAFSA, since its government.
So much for chilling in the lounge before the flight! :frowning: No one to be mad at but myself though.


Just to add to everyone else. I flew once with a coworker who realized she didn’t have her ID as we arrived at the airport (an hour away from home). She frantically called her husband to deliver it and we anxiously waited to see if she would arrive on time. When we were talking with the gate agents, they said that they would have gotten her through security even without the ID - but it is an extra process to get cleared. (She made it just as we were boarding the flight).

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Well…You’ll be able to chill in the lounge waiting to see if she makes it through security.

I know we were not able to stay with my wife when she went through. Not sure if it would be different for you, but given your daughter is 18 I’m guessing it would be the same protocol…

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In that case, while “in the lounge” I doubt she’ll be “chilling.”


Exactly. Because if she can’t fly, neither can I. I get that they may make me wait outside security, but there’s no way I’m going to the lounge.


Echoing others’ experiences. I lost my wallet one day just a few hours before a flight. I took an expired passport with me to the airport because that was the only picture ID I could find. They pulled me aside and asked me if I had anything else with a photo on it (work or school ID, etc.) or a credit card with my name on it, but I didn’t because they were all in my lost wallet. They eventually let me through after about a 10-minute wait. I would think if you have a birth certificate, a school photo ID, and a credit card, you should be golden!


I have to share this story as it is somewhat Disney related. I apologize in that it is probably not helpful in solving the lack of ID problem for the OP. Although my wife forgot her license one time at a check-in and she tried using her Dollywood season ticket pass with the ticket counter. They didn’t accept it but she did have an old passport id card with her maiden name on it and the ticket counter changed the name on the ticket and let her use it.

My story is that we were on Castaway Cay on a Disney cruise and my oldest and I swam out to the big water slide they have. I had all of our IDs in my back pocket in a little plastic case we had gotten just for the cruise. We ride the big slide and as I swam back to shore, I reach back and there is nothing in my back pocket. There is a CM there at shore and I let them know I had lost all our IDs. He said well you can fill out this form about what you lost. So I go back sheepishly to the wife and try to start figuring out how we will get back home without IDs. I mean you need an ID for a rental car even if we couldn’t get through the airport. Even getting back on the boat might be an issue since our ship passport were in the case as well. Well, we are allowed back on the ship very easily since they have our picture on file and I would imagine since it was a private Disney island which would be unlikely to have strangers. We no sooner get back to the room when our phone starts to ring. Front desk says, “We have your lost items if you want to come get them.” I roll down and sure enough, they have the plastic folio with all of the cards and they are still wet. Come to find out, Disney sends divers down every day to pick up all of things the dumb tourists lose! Incredible service!


Meaning the water seeped through the folio and got everything wet?

Yes, the litlte plastic thing was really just a sleeve for cards. It had the DCL logo on it. It might have been one of the exchange gifts we got from our fish extender. But water could get into it. No biggie since it was all plastic. But the fact that it was still wet meant they had just fished it out and immediately got it to the front desk. Crazy fast since they don’t start diving until the guests are all gone from the beach.


Is there a way to sign her up for Clear and see what kind of proof they need? That bypasses the ID part of check in I believe. Wondering if their website is more “clear” on the types of documents they will take, and they have free trials sometimes.

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