Anyone Else in this Situation? re:expiring tickets

LOL… well… call first thing in the morning when they open up at 0700 EST. That’s what a CM recommended to me to avoid the long hold/wait times.

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1 vote here for optimism. Cancelled last April, then last August, not booked for this August. Other choice was pay difference and go first week of Dec. Good luck on whatever you choose!

Thank you for letting me know what you are planning! I’m slooowly starting to become more optimistic as my husband and I are discussing possible bookings

I just read my comment back and i put NOT booked for August but meant *NOW booked for August haha. I guess my inner conscious thinks otherwise. I thought I was optimistic but maybe not lol


I didn’t even notice! I read it as “now” booked for August the first time :grinning: So maybe I was also being more optimistic than I originally thought, too :grinning: