Anyone else having tp issues?

I'm trying to finish up my tour plans for our trip next week, but my Animal Kingdom plan is messed up. I'm not walking for 99,911 minutes in a day! If I Optimize, it works (but our chosen order is out of whack). As soon as I drag it back to the order I want, it says N/A for half the rides and messes up the time. What did I do wrong?

E-mail, explaining the problem and giving them the plan URL. They should get back to you quickly.

Not sure if you have heard from the webmaster yet, but if not, my first guess would be something "impossible" in the plans once you rearrange them. Breaks and Meals are what always seem to cause issues for me; if the break is at a scheduled time but it is not possible based on the other activities around it. Something like trying to fit 5 activities in before a break at 9:30 AM for a snack. It can't get through the 5 activities by 9:30 AM and so it doesn't seem to know what to do.

Probably not explaining it well, but I would be looking through the steps to see if the fixed time events like meals and breaks are actually doable at the times you have them once you rearrange your plan.

Hope that helps!

I wish I could help, but with the dozens of TPs I've done, I've never had that happen. Not unusual for times to change after you move things around, but not like that. I think @TiggersFriend might be onto something...

Are you sure you have the AM PM times correct in your plan. This messed mine up once

I agree with @TiggersFriend if you sch a show that overlaps with an ADR or break or any combination the tp goes whacky. That being said when I optimizied mine yesterday for IOA it had me entering the park at 8 am and doing nothing until 9:10 to ride Dr. Doom's Fear Fall and the Harry potter at 10:30 with this crazy wait. I checked and it did have me entering the park for EE at 8 so go figure today it fixed itself

May be a data issue with the wait times. Post the URL, @Ddonchey and we'll take a look.

This has happened to me and I have always discovered that I put a meal
In for 12am instead of pm or something like that.

Fortunately, Gerelyn replied last night after I sent an email. The bad part? I couldn't get to a computer until now to try it out! It seems that I had the two Express trains to Conservation Station switched, so it wouldn't recognize the plan after that point. Of course, I switched it three times, only for the plan to swap it back the way I had it when I hit Evaluate! But third time was the charm- it's set now, and I'm not playing with it..... Thanks everybody!

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