Anyone Eaten at H&V Lately?

Added a dinner ADR on Halloween for H &V. I did it so the DGDs (3 yr. and 13 months) can see the characters in Halloween costumes. But at that price, I would also like decent food. Reviews are all over the place, with mostly better reviews more recently. But, I don’t know those people. So, anyone?

I thought the food was OK, not bad, but not awesome. I find it to be completely worth the price, though, if you are doing it as a dining table service credit and getting the Fantasmic show tickets. That way, your kids see the characters, everyone gets fed, and then at the end of the night, everyone gets really good seats in a special reserved section for the Fantasmic show…and only 1 table service credit.

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we ate there for lunch last week, food was ok, its a buffet. worth it for the characters, 1st time visit, but wont do again. great for the fantasmic tickets as junipermb said… best Seats in the house!

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Paying out of pocket, so I am hoping to feel like the experience and food were close to be worth it.