Anyone done a Seaworld plan / purchased reserved seating?

Hi all

We’re off to Seaworld on 19th August. Never been before and want it to be great as we’re there for my husband’s birthday.

I’ve got a reservation at 12.15 for the Sharks restaurant and have paid extra for the reserve seating as Hubby wants to see Shamu…

But beyond this I’ve no idea what order to tackle things and I’m not coming up with a lot of info. I’ve got two young boys (5 & 7) so won’t be going on many of the coasters as they are too small… .but would like to try to get husband on Kraken and if possible go on atlantis water ride.

Any advice gratefully received.

We went to Sealworld back in November on one of our days off from the Disney parks. We were there at the park opening, and grabbed one of the maps with all of the programs and basically planned our day around the Shamu show schedule. My oldest daughter and husband are real thrill junkies so they rode all of the rollercoasters and water ride, which were basically all walk-ons. The park was not crowded at all when we went. The only thing we stood in line for was the penguin ride, which was definitely not worth the wait. I think Sea World has been struggling with attendance since the movie Blackfish, either that, or we want at a really slow time of year.

They do have a kiddie ride area that both of my daughters enjoyed, even my 12 year old thrill junkie. Most of them allow adults to ride, so you can all ride as a family.

We ate at the Sharks restaurant, as well. The setting is very cool with all of the sharks swimming around while you eat. Our daughters, 12 and 5, both loved watching the sharks as they ate.The food was very good, too!

We really enjoyed visiting the dolphin nursery and the stingray feeding area during our trip, so I would recommend you see those.

Sorry I don’t have a detailed plan. I did so much planning for the Disney portion of our trip that I really didn’t plan much in advance for Sea World. Have fun! :smile:

There is a dolphin feeding session early so we have sent younger/shorter ones there w grandparents at rope drop while we rode manta then went along to watch. But it’s more about which shows to fit in rather than ride waits- both week before easter so mod crowds and in oct so quieter. We spent a lot of time just with animals and talking to keepers edp at rays and penguins with kids 6-13 yrs. This year we’re planning on a late pm visit so ds8 can ride kraken and manta as now tall enough.

Thanks all. I’m presuming it’s going to be busier with all us Brits coming over in the summer holidays…, I’ve purchased the reserved seating but I’m not sure how it works. Does anyone have any experience of this? I’ve tried asking customer relations & they’ve told me we can’t sit in the splash zone which seems ludicrous considering I’ve just spent extra to get a better choice of seat :confused: