Anyone cancelling BOG in October?

We are trying to get a reservation for 6 for a BOG lunch on either 10/13, 10/18 or 10/22. If anyone can help please let me know!! Thanks!!

Have you tried TP’s reservation finder? I used it with success for BOG

Good luck to you, and you can try the reservation finder. I used it for a BOG lunch, and got several hits, but they were always gone before I could book them. You can also try checking back on Disney’s website frequently; that’s how I finally got a reservation.

The deadline for people to cancel trips is 45 days out. Maybe you’ll have some luck around then?

Dang. I have a couple the week after that I am desperately trying to move to Nov 1.

I had no idea there was a reservation finder on here! Great! Thanks gonna give it a try!!

What dates are the reservations you’re wanting to move? We will be there Oct 29 and I can’t get in :frowning:

10/31 lunch and 11/2 breakfast. Do you have a reservation for 11/1 you want to swap?

i am looking for 10/13
…we dont have one at all…

Did you find a reservation yet? We have one on the 22nd that we might be cancelling once we figure out our TP’s.

no we still have not found one…thanks.

For anyone still trying to snag reservations, definitely check out the reservation finder! I literally just added my request last night and just snagged a breakfast at the PERFECT time and day for our trip in October! Sooooo so happy, as this trip was a “spur of the moment” one we only decided to do a few weeks back, and BOG was the one item I didn’t think we’d be able to do, and I was super bummed about it. But there is hope! :slight_smile:

i plugged in for lunch at BOG…nothing yet…bur we have 6 so that makes it hard i guess.