Anyone Booking Magic Vacation Travels Current Offering?

A couple of weeks ago MVT came out with an exclusive booking offering at WDW resorts thru the end of the year, but one must act before their offerings end March 31st. Just curious if anyone has checked into it to see how good their pricing is versus Disney’s. I’ve booked thru these guys before, and they’ve always had good deals, but this is the first time they’ve even had a Disney resort offering in a long, long time. This one is a deluxe resort/villa and ticket package combo. I may inquire, but was curious what anyone knows about it first. Thanks

It’s essentially $100 off. I looked at it for this Christmas, but decided against it.

$100 off/night or in total?

Total. It wasn’t a great price, but then again, it was for the week leading up to NYE.

No doubt–that was probably like 2% discount. LOL

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This is a way for MVT to drum up business for WDW. It is NOT a deal like you used to see because Disney is no longer offering them Convention rates. You may notice that the only resorts offered under this deal are the premium resorts. $100 off is as good at no discount at all unless you stay premium than maybe take the discount. Now on the other hand if you are considering Universal Studio’s FL. they have some really good deals on the premium resorts at about 50% off.


Is Disney offering anyone convention rates? Or is this specific to MVT?

There are conventions rates out there - for actual conventions. What the poster above is referring to is the deals that MVT used to get that were through the wholesale department, not convention rates. They used to buy blocks of rooms wholesale that were what’s called guaranteed - meaning if MVT didn’t sell all the rooms, MVT ate the cost. But there was definetly a falling out between MVT and Disney, because first they couldn’t get discounted tickets anymore, and now they don’t seem to be able to get wholesale rooms either. Undercover tourist has had some deeply discounted wholesale rooms during covid - I know bc I booked one for 40% off last year. So it seems to be a personal thing between MVT and Disney.

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Disney stopped all of these contracts didn’t they? Pirates and Pixie (is that the agency’s name) was stopped before MVT, and then they stopped MVT.

That is a bummer.

As of 2021, UT still had access, but that could be a deal that was agreed on way in advance. I think it’s likely that they (Disney) are just not interested in continuing the program.

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I think they haven’t had need to offer these to the large volume agencies. As they still aren’t booking to capacity, and the capacity to which they are booking is being reached on the regular, it wouldn’t make sense to continue those programs at this time.

That being said, when the need does again arise - and it will - I’m sure they will reach out to these and similar agencies again.