Anyone booked at BLT in Feb / March?

Just a word of warning for anyone booked at Bay Lake during Feb and March.

The NBA G League is taking over WWOS from February. And there is chatter that some people have been moved from the Contemporary. If the Contemp is used as an NBA bubble, that obviously leave sBay Lake with no access to dining, stores or even the monorail - unless they leave the 4th floor accessible somehow.

Obviously no announcement yet, but it seems there will be 2 or 3 resorts used.

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We’re there the second week of April, hoping everything is back to normal by then

It seems that the YC and CSR are the front runners, as before. It does make sense to use the same resorts. GF is less likely and without the whole entourage of the NBA stars they likely won’t need the extra rooms anyway.

The chatter I have seen about Contemporary is that it is for room refurbs. Not for yet another stupid and unnecessary sports thing.


The room refurbs have been confirmed from April thru September to some with reservations, no official statement yet.

The NBA G league will bring in more money for Disney than using the rooms for regular paying guests. But Disney haven’t announced it yet, so we can only speculate which resorts will be used.

Thanks for the laugh. I do think the NBA did the thing the right way. Much better than the NFL or MLB did at first. I don’t watch any of these things myself anymore but I’ve got an athlete for a daughter that plays a sport I know nothing about so I’m forced to be a soccer mom. I ask a whole lot of questions about what is going on and I cringe when she lands hard on the ground especially when she tore her hamstring and popped her knee out of socket because she landed on her knee so hard. Shudders…these things are like modern day gladiators to me and I don’t get it but people love it so you made me laugh. :wink:

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I have no issues with youth sports per se (when it becomes all-consuming then year…priorities need tp be examined I think). I just get annoyed that so much emphasis is put on “professionals” and “OMG THEY MUST PLAY” when there are so many other things that really matter. I mean, seriously? There is a G-League? I’m almost afraid to ask what happened to B, C, D E, and F Leagues…

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I did too. Only G league.

That is crazy.

You’d think Disney would get tired of having to move people around at price-protection - or offer refunds of the difference or lose the entire vacation money if there is not an equivalent acceptable location.

Ha ha ha about the B…F leagues. My grandpa played AAA baseball before playing overseas and coaching & scouting in the majors so I know the minor leagues are useful for recruiting and preparing players for the majors but lol they went straight to G. At least in MLB it’s 4A, 3A, 2A which is logical.

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I assumed G stood for something. Grade or General perhaps? Or not.:joy::joy:

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Goofy? Perhaps it’s the Goofy League? :rofl: