Anyone book Topolino's recently?

I am trying to book Topolino’s for date night for DH and I on 3/5 (60 +10) and nothing is showing up. I’ve tried for earlier in the week and nothing is showing up either. Surely it’s not already booked up. Delay in loading the system maybe? Anyone else having this issue?


Not with Topolino’s, that I got at 60+10. But a few others. With the others I called and they checked if anyone else had a reservation for that day.

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I booked it yesterday for March 4, 10:45am so reservations have loaded.

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Thanks, y’all!

I guess I’ll just keep trying from different devices.

Tons of breakfast times, 0 dinner times. Ugh!

I have been looking for an early breakfast on 1/16 since my 60+10 and still haven’t been able to snag one!

Ugh! I’m sorry!

I have Ale & Compass which should be fine. I just have serious FOMO since everyone seems to love Topolino’s so much! :heart:

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