Anyone been to the new Incredibles Celebration at Pixar Place?

Wondering if anyone has been to the new Incredibles Celebration and Edna Mode meet. TP defaults time for this to 10 min and I am wondering if that could possibly be enough time. My kids are VERY into the Incredibles so I want to be sure I plan enough time to enjoy it.

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I think 20-30 minutes is a good time to estimate a character meet that doesn’t have an official wait time. Have you checked Youtube to see what the rest of the celebration includes?
If this is a favorite of your kids, I might estimate an hour here just to give you plenty of time to enjoy. And since HS is full of shows, that way you won’t be throwing of your whole plan if you need a little extra time here.

Thanks! I am also trying to put right before PM break so we can be more flexible.

We visited the Incredibles area last week. We spent about 20 minutes there and most of that time was eating the cookie Nom Nom and pretzel they offer. To be fair, it was cold so we didn’t really “hang out” long. There also seemed to be very little seating or tables. We ate on the top of a trash can. Ick.

We only saw Mr Incredible dancing. And the line for Edna Mode was too long for us so we passed. We did take lots of pictures by the murals on the walls.

I would say 30 minutes is plenty unless you plan to wait to see Edna.

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I was there last Monday. We spent about 30-45 minutes there. Mainly a dance party with the Mr & Mrs Incredible and Frozone. My kids liked it because they got to dance with the characters. We didn’t meet Edna because waits were close to 45 minutes. If your kids are into the Incredibles and/or like dance parties it’s worth checking out. Otherwise skippable.


OK so THIS is where one meets Edna.

We have oodles of time in our day that day. We’ll be doing that.

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Where in the park is this? TP isn’t showing it on the map for me…but I’m new, so I might just be missing it. Good info on what to expect!

I like Kenny the Pirate’s maps better (sorry TP) - though his map only shows Edna Mode. It backs up to ABC Commissary &SciFi as far as I can tell.

Also just noticed isn’t showing on TP map on my TP either.

EasyWDW covered this a little bit recently too…