Anyone been to Disneyland on Halloween Day?

We are thinking about Disneyland on Halloween Day. Touring Plans predicts it to be a very low crowd time but I am skeptical at only relying on one source. Anyone have any experience? We went in 2015 in the second week of October and it was CRAZY busy and very hot (over 100). I said never again in October……but now I am wanting to try again. I may be crazy!

Don’t count on Touring Plans to be anywhere near accurate predicting crowds at Disneyland, ever I learned that the hard way. From what I have read there are no longer “slow” times at Disneyland. Thank the locals, who; get cheap Disney tickets, only work on average a few hours a week and have nothing else to do. Even with the never ending crowds, Disneyland can still be magical, just mixed in with more frustration. Halloween is among the best times of the year so I say plus it with a trip to DLR.

I agree with rlp, the TP prediction is probably way off. That being said, it sounds like you already know what to expect. We went to a Halloween party at the end of September and I was shocked at how poorly crowds were handled at DLR. We’re used to WDW and their handling of crowds is down to a science so it was definitely a culture shock. At one point, a VERY large group of guests (including us) were corralled in an area by the Matterhorn and had to wait until the parade was way down Main Street before we were allowed to continue. People were shoulder to shoulder and more people kept walking up and pushing their way through because they didn’t realize what was happened. There was yelling and screaming. I have never had a more UN-magical experience at Disney. I think next time, we’ll know what to expect and be more prepared. That being said, I think if you prepare for the possibilities of crazy crowds making it hard to accomplish anything and just enjoy the evening, it could be a great time.

Just an FYI–2nd week of October is Fall Break in Arizona. We get a week off of school, and LOTS of families head to Disney. That’s probably why your week before was so packed :slight_smile:

Historically, Halloween day in Disneyland is pretty tame. We were there Halloween Day in 2014 and it was a great experience. That being said, the last couple of years have seen a lot of changes in DL particularly in that there is so much closed that previously used to absorb crowds (Railroad, Tom Sawyer Island & for nighttime shows, F!)

Also, closures like that of the pathway behind Big Thunder Railroad has caused some logistical nightmares for crowd control particularly at night during/around & in between parades & FWs with no F! running. All of this combined, severely hampers the already limited real estate of walkways and I while I agree it creates the potential for a very poor experience, I strongly disagree that the poor experiences are due to handling by the cast members on the ground. Nine out of ten times, they are doing their best to work with the very limited situation they have based on decisions made way above their level on how to manage/operate the parks.

Also, Disney has gotten very wise on how to better manage people coming to the park and pinpoints their slow times and increases attendance by offering events/discounts to locals, etc. They also staff for lower crowds when there are lower crowds so even though there aren’t as many people and the walkways might feel a little less cramped, you will feel like you are waiting just as long in attraction lines and won’t have the benefit of longer hours with very low crowds at an earlier opening time or later close time.

Either way, DL at Halloween time is a great experience so if you are game to be prepared for the crowds, then I say go for it! As for the heat, it is usually cooler by end of October but it can still get quite warm through the first of November so definitely be prepared for the weather.

Thanks. That must have been it! Utah has their break the third week of October too. It is a busy month.

Thank you all for your thoughts on Halloween Day. I appreciate the feedback. I think we will go for it!