Anyone been allowed to renew AP more than 60 days early?

So DM and I are going to be in the World 12/3-12/7 for a SWGE-focused trip. Here’s my question:

Mom currently has a FL Res Silver pass, which is valid through Nov 28th, 2019.

Reading online, looks like Disney says you can renew the pass 60 days before expiration or 30 days after. So by my math that would be Sept 30, 2019 as the earliest DM can renew her pass.

But that’s a problem as mom and dad are doing a trans-pacific repositioning cruise starting Sept 23rd (not getting back to the States until early November). They will have limited email and phone for basically the whole cruise—hard to renew the AP from the middle of the pacific.

I know she could just renew when she gets back in November, but our FastPass day is Oct 4th and I assume I can’t make fast passes for her for December unless/until she renews (and therefore has a valid pass for December), right?

Do you think Disney would let her renew before she leaves for the cruise?