Anyone at the parks in mid nov, got home and had covid?

anyone got covid after returning home from parks in Florida? I read if you do get covid while on vacation it will count in the state in which you live. not florida. anyone experience this?

Positive resulting is tracked by residence. No one can be certain where they contracted the illness.

I’m curious what prompts your question?

I had read under reporting for florida on covid cases. I’ll be going early March 2021. Wanted to throw it out there and see what others have dealt with. Many have talked about parks going up to 50% daily. So this info will me decide to cancel the trip or go. Lots of responses from everyone. So very helpful!

I’ve been to Disney twice. Once in August (7 of us…no one was infected), and once just a couple weeks ago (9 days with just my wife and myself…so far, no signs of infection).

Although, I don’t understand what the reporting of numbers has anything to do with anything. The numbers have to be counted somewhere.


Well there has definitely been some shenanigans around data in Florida

But reporting based on location of residence is consistent.

I’m not sure why the sarcasm here.

It seems your post simply got buried, or people weren’t sure how to answer the question or why you’re asking it.

Your original post doesn’t mention anything about attendance increases. Disney has openly said they are bumped to 35% normal capacity at this time. That said, it still (from reports) has a tendency to feel crowded.

You get more bees with honey, just sayin!


What’s come out of me asking is cast members are reporting their experiences with covid. Very helpful info:) I’m going on March.

I was there right after Thanksgiving. 11/28-12/5. I am out of quarantine, none of us got so much as a sniffle.

Also wanted to add that hubby and I tested out 10 days after returning, but DS had to complete full quarantine from school bc you can’t get a test in NJ under 6 years old unless you are symptomatic.

The cases among cast members are really not much a reflection of the guest experience. Cast members live in Florida, and outside of work hours aren’t subject to the same level of protection (except by personal choice).

I suppose your concern, then, is if cases are reported bases on where they return as opposed to Florida, we wouldn’t know if Disney is actually a hot spot. And that is probably true…but I don’t this is being done to hide anything. As @OBNurseNH said, case counting is pretty consistent. And if someone returns from Disney and then is diagnosed, there is no way to know if the case originated from there or not. Besides, Michigan, lately, has had case numbers per capita exceeding Florida’s numbers even at its worst! So if started showing symptoms now, is it due to Disney? Or did I get it while grocery shopping after I returned? Who can say?


We went in October and didn’t get sick. We went to both WDW and Universal right after they added more crowds. There is risk. Social distancing is non-existent in walkways at peak times especially in narrow walkways, in shops, or during a cavalcade. If you’re aren’t comfortable with that risk you should postpone. It did cause me stress. But I also only ate outdoors and never ever took my mask off except when outside and distanced from people to eat or drink or in my hotel room. You can alleviate some of that risk with extra precautions and limiting your time in non-socially distanced areas. But you are visiting a crowded theme park (even at 35% capacity). Some will judge you. My mom judged me. So you have to make that personal decision based on your circumstances and what risk and judgment you’re willing to deal with.


If one person had come home from a Disney vacation and received a positive Covid test, the media would have been all over it. It would have been national news. In the absence of any reports as such, I would conclude there have been zero cases linked to exposure at Disneyworld.

This would only be the case if a person told the media after getting a positive diagnosis. Or told contact tracers if they had been in WDW.

I think it is ludicrous to think that not one person has contracted Covid after a Disney trip.
However, I also think that WDW is probably safer than where most people live. Which is why we decided to keep our trip.


I agree with what you say. But questions about travel are standard when contact tracing, and with all the hundreds of thousands (if not millions) that have been to WDW since the reopening, I cannot imagine that somebody would not have slipped up and told tracers that they had just got back from WDW (and this goes for those travelling to Universal or other Florida park, too).

Thanks for your input:)

They (contact tracers) are also probably not allowed to disclose that info to the public/media. It would have to be an individual going to the media.

I definitely caught judgment from family for going, but I still maintain that I was safer at Disney than I am outside of my home anywhere else. It’s a scary world out there.

Edited to add: went mid-November and have seen no signs of illness of any kind.


That’s true. And I think for the most part, people who are big enough fans to go to WDW during a pandemic (like many of us here) are also people who, if they got covid after a trip, are not rushing to publicly out WDW for it. We know and accept the associated risk, and almost all of us that have gone recently seem to agree they are doing everything they can in a safe way. Out of the sheer numbers of visitors, of course people have caught it there, but no need to make a stink about isolated cases when there doesn’t seem to be any kind of systemic problem there.


Media is always getting information from leaks and unnamed sources.

I’m also not sure how you would know it was WDW rather than the airplane/airport or somewhere else you were at in the same time frame. I’ve known people who got symptoms three days after exposure and others 11 days. It’s not always possible to know for sure unless you know someone you were with definitely exposed you.


Yeah, I never told my family. My sister talking about her decision to cancel our normal Thanksgiving weekend gathering didn’t seem like the right time for me to say “Well, we’re going to Disney next week.” lol Not to avoid judgment, but rather so my family doesn’t wonder if I’m judging them for being too cautious based on my choice to vacation to WDW during this. Don’t want anything to be uncomfortable like that or for them to feel guilty for not getting together, when I totally get and respect that. We’ll probably mention it later when this is behind us.