Anyone at the AK tonight, 9/24? At park closing?

Anyone? Anyone? Did you see anything … fun? Were there any … unique shenanigans… or anything, y’know, worthy of photos or videos or high-fiving custodians, maybe? :face_holding_back_tears:

Not holding my breath or anything, but … I hear there were bubbles.


Obviously I’m not there but I’d love to hear the story :slight_smile:


I don’t have much – not nearly enough – but Woody is very happy tonight.

  1. There is a special trash can in the Animal Kingdom which emits bubbles. It was barely working last year when Woodrow started working there. After it broke and months and months went by without a bubble can, Woodrow (and I’m sure other custodians) submitted a request to engineering to fix the bubble can.

  2. The DAK custodians have begun doing “waves.” (New leader.) They now have the custodians out in the mornings, waving hello, and out again at closing, waving goodbye. Woody, who works nights mostly, has never done the wave hello, but he has done several waves goodbye. He likes to get the Stitch hands for this. … Correction: Stitch hand. They need more character gloves to go around! LOL!

  3. The bubble can was finally fixed!

  4. The bubble stuff couldn’t be found.

  5. Woodrow found five little bottles of bubble stuff!!!

  6. The leader? I think? Someone in charge, anyway, put Woody in charge of the bubble can at the wave goodbye, and he had a very, very good time. He said lots of people were taking pictures and videos, and he got some high-fives from guests. He asked me to look around on the interwebs to see if anyone had posted any pictures.

He had a really good day in general and is happy with his job at Disney World. I wish I could see him at work! LOL!!! I once saw a vlog from a vlogger walking through Discovery Island and Woodrow walked past on the left. I sent it to him and said, “That’s you!” He said, “No, it’s my co-worker.” He sent the snippet to his co-worker who sent it back and said, “No, Woody, THAT’S YOU.” :rofl:


That is a lot of magic! It makes me so happy to read :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I hope we can find a video of this!!!


This is epic


Too cute.