Anybody want to play with my AK plan?

I’m pretty happy with it, but it could always be improved. We (3 of us) all have fastpasses for the same rides. I have zero interest in FOP and plan to take DS2 to the boneyard while DB and friend ride. So I could drop that fpp for myself and get another easy to get fpp and use rider switch. I didn’t include Dinosaur in the plan but I don’t care for it either so I thought they could go to that after FOP while we go to TS. We can skip primeval whirl if needed but I really don’t want to skip the whole train and petting zoo ordeal. Definitely want to keep KRR before break in case we get soaked.

You need to copy & paste the link from the printable page. You mention Primeval Whirl, but that ride is closed for refurbishment with no date for reopening. I’ll happily review ASAP once you give the correct link. :smiley:

Thank you!

Initial thoughts…

As I mentioned Primeval Whirl will, most likely, still be closed. The rumor mill is that the ride is possibly permanently closed. So, I recommend removing that.

This will tie into my next observation. You have given yourself zero free time between attractions. I’ve made this mistake before and it took me a few visits to make sure to do this. At some point in your day, you will need to stop. (Bathroom break, drinks / snacks, unexpected “magic” happening / unfortunate accident.)

I try to place a 20 mins of free time for about every 90 minutes of attractions. It’s always easier / better to “be ahead” in your day than watching it “get away from you”.

Your “Rest” break is listed at 12pm, but doesn’t occur until 1:21pm - You should be getting an error message about this… “The plan may have you arriving at a show, meal or break a little later than you’d prefer,”

I also notice you seem to be getting to RoL about 15 minutes after the show starts.

This could be alleviated by cutting a “trail” or two. Again, you have a very limited amount of free time in the evening portion of your plan too.

I’m going to pause here until you respond. I know it’s tough to cut items from your TP as most of us want to do as much as possible. Please feel free to comment. :smiley:

That was helpful feedback. I cut Finding Nemo :frowning: and one of the trails. I added in some breaks, not quite as many as you recommended, but I also have it set to very relaxed and we can haul ass a few times if needed, but definitely not all day! I’m only somewhat interested in seeing ROL, definitely not something I want to wait more than a few minutes for, we will watch from elsewhere.

I changed 2 fpp (mine from fop to everest, and dbf from krr to dinosaur) and i’ll hope we can use rider switch on those without everyone having fpp.

I think the plan looks much better now, but I am still open to suggestions.

This looks much more feasible. You still have your mid-day 3 hour Rest break starting later than planned. You have it listed at 1pm, but it won’t start until 1:15pm. Not a big deal, but starting it at 1:30pm will remove the error message + it will reflect a more accurate return time for the second half of the day.

Yes. Not everyone has to have a FPP. Except they don’t get to go “right in” as if they have a FPP. Here’s how that works -

The entire party needs to be present at the attraction to receive the Rider Switch. Those who will be in the second rider party will have their MagicBands or theme park tickets scanned to have the Rider Switch pass added to their account. The return time they will be given will reflect the attraction’s current wait time minus 10 minutes, and there will be a one hour window of use. So, if you arrive at 5:00 p.m. and the current wait is 40 minutes, then your Rider Switch will show that the second party may return to experience the attraction between 5:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. The Rider Switch will show up in the FastPass+ section of your My Disney Experience account for easy reference. When the second party returns to ride, they will be able to use the FastPass+ queue.

So be aware of how this may effect your plan since the other rider, without FPP, will still have to wait as if they are in the Standby queue.

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I think I would try and do the Gorilla Trail before KS. You’ve got a 30 minute wait after FoP before your KS FP starts, so you can probably knock out that trail and make it to KS at or near the start of the FP window.

I’d also consider changing when you do the Maharajah Jungle Trek. Right now, you are coming back from your break, heading all the way to the back of the park for that trail, then back up to the front for Dinosaur. I think I would do Dinosaur and Triceratop Spin when you come back into the park from your break and then head to Maharajah and Expedition Everest. Just to cut down a little on the trekking back and forth.


I had thought about moving Gorilla Falls, but I like the idea of having all that time to slowly meander toward KS and look around, but we may still do it first when we get there. I did change Maharajah to after Dinoland. Thank you!

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Thats a good idea! If you get over to Africa and have time to knock it out, you’ll gain time back, so I think thats smarter than assuming you will hurry over and then behind already!

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