Anybody know how the Hotel Room Photos Work?

So as I was viewing the hotel room photos for Wilderness Lodge it seemed that some weren't correct. As in some of the photos that were listed as belonging on the 4th floor were clearly of 1st floor rooms. I started to email the touring plans folks but then decided one of y'all probably knew the reason why and they had enough on their plates. So does anyone know - should I email the TP folks and tell them as it's a mistake? Or is it just the way the photos work and I shouldn't be so literal?

Thanks guys!

@popupcamper - I think they use the nearest available room photo when photos are missing. You could email @Lentesta if it seems really wrong. I know staff has occasionally requested that Liners take photos from their room windows and send them in to help expand the photo coverage. I hope this helps!

It's the way they work - photos do/should say what room taken from I believe

I noticed the same thing with the BC. I sent in a picture from the 5th floor and the one online was obviously from a lower floor.

When a view photo is of the closest one we could get, we note it in the map. This should only happen with the deluxes, as we didn't have to enter the rooms for the mods and values.

For instance, for room 5661 at BC
we say
This view is an approximate view from a nearby room. (4709)
If you see an incorrect room that isn't noted that way, email

There's a second issue at WL, where we may incorrectly determine the best "nearby" room.

The issue is because of the building's shape. Sometimes the nearest room for which we have a photo is one that faces the courtyard, where we want one facing the trees.

We have a fix identified for this, but it hasn't yet been implemented. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Do you have any views from the beach club rooms which face epcot during fireworks at night?

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I think there is an issue with the Beach Club specifically Club level. I have sent an email to the email address about this. When you search for club level it brings you to 4th floor views. When you go to water view CL views it shows roofs. I notice this because I sent in my view photo and when I looked again a month later it still shows a roof (5715). I posted my photo in the club thread. Maybe it just takes a while for these things? Lots going on these days wink