Any word on Tusker House reopening?

I haven’t seen anything so I am assuming all still quiet on the front there. We have a trip in June and like many, it is a fun character breakfast for the kids.

Nada so far. Which is a total bummer.

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I know! I wish they would open it and serce family style at least like they did with CP in MK.

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Yeah, I don’t see why you can’t emulate what you are doing at Toppolino’s and Chef Mickeys. But what do I know? :wink:

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I do wonder if it has anything to do with the menu.

You know what to serve at CM and Topo - basic breakfast by and large
But Tusker has that African and Indian inspired food. Which of those dishes do you offer along with the traditional breakfast, and in what ratio? If it’s me, I want all the African stuff because I can get eggs and Mickey waffles anywhere on property. But if you ask my family, they don’t want almost any of that stuff.

I think it’s a harder menu to modify to current needs, and if you’ve got waffles and eggs everywhere else, do you really need them in TH too?


Well, with a DD6 and a DD2, the menu is ancillary. It’s all about Safari Daisy and the rest! But to your point, I think you would have to dumb down the menu. Kind of like Toppolino’s did. Makes you wonder when TaF will be back as well.

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I’ll just have a plate of the fabulous plantains, and some Jungle Juice. That’s all they need to serve! :rofl:


No bobotie???

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And see, not so with me. Herein lies the rub :wink:

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Well maybe if there is any room left after my huge plate of plantains.


LOL :laughing: