Any word on Blizzard Beach reopening?

We’re coming at the end of July and BB was the boys’ favourite when we last came in 2019. Can’t seem to find anything conclusive on the Interwebs :pleading_face:

Typhoon Lagoon has special events scheduled through September.

There is a nation-wide lifeguard shortage:

I think it would be challenging for Disenybto safely open both.


Truth. My DS16 just took a summer lifeguard job at our local amusement park, and they threw down serious money just to get him trained. He works mainly open to close shifts on the days he works, and he could work close to 70 hours a week if he wanted to (he does not). They have enough to open all the attractions, but I’m sure that 5 years ago they were able to split shifts that they can’t now.


Wow, I had no idea! what a disappointment. Do you think that’s going to make Typhoon Lagoon crazy busy as a result?

Any merit in thinking about buying a day ticket to Volcano Bay? Starting to regret buying a 3-day Universal ticket that doesn’t include it :sob:

Thanks for the link, v interesting!

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You should be able to upgrade it without issue if you want.

I’m in Austin and my daughter is a lifeguard for the first time this year. They pay $20/hour!!! In previous years, they charged for training classes and they stopped doing that. She didn’t get paid for the training right away, but after she works for 80 hours she gets paid for the time for training.

Last year they didn’t have enough lifeguards to open all the pools but this year they do.