Any Way to Reorder on a Tablet or Phone?

I saw some old forum messages where other people asked if there was a way to reorder attractions in a personalized TP on a mobile device. There was indication that this was in the works in 2014. I can’t reorder on my iPhone or iPad. I really don’t want to bring my laptop with me but I know I’m going to be making changes since we are letting the kids pick the attractions the second days in a couple parks. Without the ability to reorder, my TP will have limited usefulness. I hope I’m just missing something. Please help. Thanks!

They may have been talking about hitting the optimize button. That will automatically re-order the attractions based on the wait times at the time it is re-optimized. I don’t think you can edit a plan on a phone. Maybe not even on a tablet (at least not easily). I typically make my edits on a laptop.

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