Any very recent experience with Early Entry at Epcot and resort buses?

How early have buses been leaving the resorts for Epcot recently? (I’m assuming there is increased demand for EE at Epcot with Guardians!)
How is the cell service at the Spaceship Earth entry?
How likely do you think it would be that I could get to Epcot before 7am? My worst nightmare is being on a moving bus with bad service while trying to get Remy’s LL and Guardians BG and RotR ILL! I’ll be at Coronado next week… EE is at 8am and we are true rope droppers so technically would like to be there at 7:15 but do not want to be on a bus at 7am!

Thanks liners for any info or advice!

This will have the information you’re looking for in terms of bus times.

Dang it! I can’t insert gifs from my phone on here!
(Insert “these aren’t the droids you’re looking for” gif)
Also, very excited here about Kenobi tomorrow!

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THANK YOU - you are the best! No recent Epcot times from Coronado listed on here but some times listed in Feb when MK had EE at 8:30 and buses were around 7:10. So now here’s to hoping that the cell service in the lobby of Gran Destino is EXCELLENT! haha!

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Me too! But we have Promapalooza this weekend that is taking precedence over everything. Hoping we can squeeze it in somwewhere

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Did someone say lovely photos! :star_struck::heart_eyes::blush:

I can do that.

Trying to get all these teenagers to make a plan has been a feat. It would be easier to herd cats.

I think we have one now, for both evenings, that will work.


I hear that. The kid here was in a homeschool group who have Elegant Evening. Each was allowed +2 (!). So the 3 robotics homeschoolers invited 4 other robotics kids, one karate kid and one non-robotics boyfriend. I just quit trying to keep up with who what where when.
Tho they really made points when they banned parents from the before photo op. :rofl:

But they shared photos and had a good time at Elegant Evening. Tho it just occurred to me I never heard about their supper at a fast food place. :thinking:

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Two weeks ago (May 11) the first bus for Epcot left Casitas at ~6:45 and got to the Epcot bus terminal just before 7.


Amazing just the info I was looking for, thank you!! Did it stop at GDT after picking up at Casitas or does GDT now have it’s own bus at busy times?