Any Updates to Leading Reservations

Have there been any FP’s being cancelled when leading reservations are used yet? The regular reservation is an onsite reservation.

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I just read that they are cancelling all FPs when reservations are cancelled (including those inside the 30 day window), but I don’t think the FPs are cancelled for the following reservations. There is an exception: If you have FPs book on the 1st day of your real reservation those will be attached to your leading reservation, which will be cancelled. I’m going to give it a try, but our trip isn’t until mid-August and we aren’t going to the parks on our first day.

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There are threads about this which maybe you’ve found but @Nicky_S has been reporting on it.

I have an AP and I’m currently testing. I just cancelled my leading reservation and it said all FPs associated with that reservation were cancelled. All FPs are still showing up in my MDE but I expect at least those without a reservation will be deleted soon. I’m within 60 days (not 30) so I don’t know if the FPs attached to the remaining reservation will stick at all.

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Thanks for testing. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that only the leading reservation FPs get deleted.

So I got 2 emails (one for each day) around 1am this morning saying that “Action may be required” to hold on to the FPs (for the 2 days I canceled). They are subject to cancellation tomorrow 5/15. It is interesting to note that the FPs on the check-in date (which was check-out date of my leading reservation) are not being addressed at all. There was also no mention of FPs on the dates of my remaining on-site stay. Of course anything can happen at this point. I’m just gonna wait and see.

This is a good experiment. I am curious to see how this works out.

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Thanks for the update. Our FPs day is during a work trip and I would like to get those done before my trip.

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Do you have an update? Did the FPs get cancelled?

Well, it’s 5/16 and I still have my FPs (even those that I no longer have an onsite stay for). I am assuming the first couple of days will disappear at some point but I’m really wondering about the remaining onsite FPs that were booked before the 60 day window.

Any more updates? Still have your FPP for your remaining onsite stay?

Here to report that leading reservations are alive and well with actual on-site stays.


@Shadow_Man -
How did this work out for you?

I am considering abbreviating my reservation to just the last three days of my trip, and cancelling the first four days. I’m partially open to this, because I didn’t really have any amazing FPP those days. (Jungle Cruise/Buzz/Space Mountain; RNRC/ST/BATB). If I did lose them, I think I would survive. And I stand to save almost $300…