Any updates on

when Club Cool is closing? When Space 220 is opening?

Club Cool - probably the summer sometime.

Once they’ve finished ripping out the monoliths, I think temporary walls will go up around Innoventions West fairly quickly ready for the demolition.

Space 220 - nothing more definite yet than by the end of the year, October perhaps although maybe they’ll try for September in time for the end of Illuminations (my speculation).

Space 220 isn’t accepting reservations on MDE yet, but other new restaurants scheduled to open “Fall 2020” are doing so. As discussed on Disney Dish, recently, Space 220 may do a “soft / walk-ups only” opening late Fall with ADR starting 2020.

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Which others are you thinking of?

The opening date for the new Japanese one hasn’t been announced other than “Fall” (when else lol? :wink:). Neither has the Smokehouse - Regal Eagle.

You can book Topolino’s at the Riviera from 16th Dec, although it may just be day by day at the moment, not the +10 days.

This topic came up on Disney Dish that’s why I had an answer. I can’t remember to which other restaurant Jim & Len were referring to. It was either episode 222 or 223 if you want to check it out.

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I wonder if it’s restaurants at DS, there are always new ones opening there. Or something obvious that I’ve forgotten about.