Any UOR converts here?

My husband, DD and I just got back last week from an Orlando vacation. We are diehard Disney fans. Family trips, honeymoon was there, etc. But this time we went to Universal, and man, we LOVED it.

Thinking that with all the WDW happenings in the next few years we’ll be putting off a Disney trip for at least 3 or 4 years, which leaves us wide open for a Universal-only Orlando trip.

Any other converts out there?


For my DFamily our trips together are rare and we try and rotate between parks and beach. But for me going solo, I love UOR because I can travel when they’re in school. Big fan of thrill rides and HP.

I love Universal. I am returning this December and will be getting an AP. I have recently received a level of service that has gone above anything at Disney recently- from the resorts to the free AP events.

I am a Disney current AP holder. To me, my trips to wdw include the resorts and dining. I know I am getting a Universal AP and I am undecided if I will step into a Disney Park next February when I go on my next DVC trip. My universal pass with include after 4 express pass and a free HHN, and I plan on taking advantage of both of t(em.

I love Disney, but I’m only able to go about every five years because I always go as a family trip and it’s pretty pricey. The more I read about what is going on over there, I realize it’s going to be even more pricey, and I may be getting priced out of being able to go at all. At Universal, I can take a trip with just my sister and not feel guilty about leaving the kids behind. We are huge Harry Potter fans, and I feel like the Harry Potter areas are more immersive than anything I have ever seen in Disney. I’m not saying I won’t ever go back to Disney, but it is much more relaxing and enjoyable for me at Universal. And I think the people who say that Universal doesn’t have the “magic” that Disney has are not looking in the right place. I find Universal to be very magical.


Love them both. My tween and teen give UO the edge due to hulk, RRR, and Mummy, and I’m sure will love the new Jurassic and HP roller coasters. They are different trips. I love UO for a more relaxing visit. And my goodness, Halloween horror nights is fantastic, if one is in to that.

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This is 100% correct. I love UOR, especially WWOHP.


Diagon Alley literally took my breath away. I walked through the entrance and just gasped and stood there. My husband had to sort of prod me along.


I have gone multiple times, and still get misty-eyed and awestruck every time I enter Diagon Alley for the first time on a trip.


Just wait until you attend Halloween Horror Nights!

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Unfortunately that will probably never happen due to my ability to take PTO, but I will live vicariously.